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John Smith (Account suspended)

Joined WhatDoTheyKnow in 2009

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This user has been banned from WhatDoTheyKnow

They have been given the following explanation:

Despite previous warnings this account has been banned for:

(i) posting potentially defamatory material
(ii) breach of the site's annotation policy - posting links that are not specifically related to the FOI request
(iii) spamming the same annotation on over 100 different requests linking to another website without commentary about why the site is relevant to the FOI request
(iv) misuse of the site by registering multiple accounts to give impression of support for your campaign ("sock puppet" accounts)

Please contact if you wish to discuss the ban, which will be in place for a minimum of 4 weeks, following which all FOI requests & annotations MUST be validated by the team prior to posting. Please do not attempt to register a new account.

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