Zamano Solutions Ltd

Ray Purchase made this Environmental Information Regulations request to Phone-paid Services Authority
This authority is not subject to FOI law, so is not legally obliged to respond (details).

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was refused by Phone-paid Services Authority.

Dear PhonepayPlus Limited,

1) since 1.1.2012 how many complaints to PhonePayPlus have mentioned "Zamano Solutions Limited"?

2. what is the total number of complaints by PhonePayPlus received since 1.1.2012?

Yours faithfully,

Ray Purchase

Oliver Sweeney,

Dear Mr Purchase,


We refer to your Environmental Information Regulations request, received
in this office on 11^th August 2016.


The information you have requested is:


1)    since 1.1.2012 how many complaints to PhonePayPlus have mentioned
"Zamano Solutions Limited"?

2)    what is the total number of complaints by PhonePayPlus received
since 1.1.2012?


We are of the view that the information you have requested is not
“environmental information” as defined by section 2 of the Environmental
Information Regulations 2004, and so does not fall within the scope of
those Regulations. Accordingly, we propose to treat your request as a
request pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (‘FOIA’).


For the purposes of the FOIA, PhonepayPlus is not a “public authority”.
Thus the provisions of the FOIA do not apply to this organisation and we
are not obliged to respond to general requests for information. As such
PhonepayPlus reserves the right to refuse a request for information at its
discretion (and without the need to apply exemptions contained within the
Act). In the spirit of goodwill and helpfulness, however, we generally
attempt to respond to requests for information, where appropriate.
PhonepayPlus seeks to apply the FOIA to the extent that it is both
reasonable and practical to do so.


In order to respond to your first query, we require clarification of your
request. We understand that Zamano Solutions Limited acts as a Level 1
provider (see paragraph 5.3.8 of our Code of Practice,
, for an explanation of “Level 1” and “Level 2” providers) in respect of a
number of premium rate services which are provided by other companies.
Please therefore can you clarify whether you are requesting information on
complaints about premium rate services which are registered as being
operated by Zamano Solutions Limited, or complaint figures for services
for which Zamano Solutions Limited was a registered Level 1 provider, or
any complaints received by PhonepayPlus in which the complainant has named
"Zamano Solutions Limited”?


In response to your second query, PhonepayPlus publishes data on the total
number of complaints received each financial year in its annual reports.
Our annual reports going back to 2006/7 can be found here:




Oliver Sweeney

In-house Counsel/ Freedom of Information Officer



Oliver Sweeney [3]
In-house Counsel
25th Floor
020 7940 7420 40 Bank Street
[4][email address] London, E14 5NR
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