Your HR function

The request was refused by North Glasgow College.

Dear North Glasgow College,

I am writing to request information under the Freedom of
Information Act (Scotland) 2002 on the structure, competencies and
remuneration of your Human Resources function.

I shall be grateful if you would provide me with the following
information in respect of your Human Resources (HR) function:

1. An organisational chart indicating all the posts within your
institution which constitute your HR function. If HR-related
activities (eg Learning & Development, Organisational Development,
Health & Wellbeing, etc) are managed outwith your main HR function,
please include information on these as well.

2. Details of the overall role and specific duties undertaken by
each of the posts detailed in (1) above (eg job descriptions, role
profiles, etc).

3. Details of the competencies required for each of the posts
detailed in (1) above (eg person specifications, competency
frameworks, etc).

4. The remuneration package for each post, including:
a. The gross salary range (or spot salary) applicable to each post;
b. Any bonus/merit/performance payments that the posts are
potentially eligible for and the procedure for awarding these;
c. The annual leave entitlement, please detail if bank holidays,
institutional closure periods, are in addition or included in the
annual leave entitlement.
d. Details of any superannuation scheme.

5. Details of your total HR staff cost in £ (sterling) and as a
proportion of your
a. Institutional income;
b. Institutional payroll, including salary on-costs.

6. Details of the total HR budget, including whether this includes
staff development for HR staff.

7. Details of any institution-wide, centrally administered staff
development budget, how institutional and individual priorities are
set and the process for allocating and/or accessing these funds

To place this data in context I shall be grateful if you would also
provide me with the headcount and full-time equivalent of your:

1. Academic staff
2. Support staff

I would like the above information to be provided to me in an
electronic format.

I understand that under the act, I should be entitled to a response
within 20 working days of your receipt of this email. I would be
grateful if you could confirm by email that you have received this

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Smith

George Stewart, North Glasgow College

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Dear Paul,


North Glasgow College


Thank you for your interest in North Glasgow College.

Further to your recent Freedom Of Information request please see the four
documents attached.

I hope this information proves useful to you and should you require any
further information regarding North Glasgow College then please do not
hesitate to contact me.


Best Regards,

George Stewart

Associate Principal

North Glasgow College


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Dear George Stewart,

Thank you for your response and apologies for not replying earlier, but I would still like to receive the information I requested about salary levels within the HR function. I appreciate your reasoning for not giving me the exact salary but would have thought that providing me with the min/max of the grade that each role was attached to would meet my request whilst protecting the personal data of the individual filling that role. If the salary range within each grade is negligible or you are utilising spot salaries perhaps indicating which of the salary bands the role falls within would suffice both our needs.
I shall be grateful if you would reconsider your decision in light of the above.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Smith

George Stewart, North Glasgow College

Dear Paul,
The salaries of the staff are private and confidential and under the Data Protection Act I am unable to supply these. Only the Principal's salary is public knowledge.
I hope this helps.
Best Regards,

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