Dear Ministry of Defence,
I sent an FoI request last year, to which you responded to on 12/12/2023 (your reference request-1051028-5a363904).
I requested a copy of the document which gave the WW2 medal entitlement of a Royal Marine whose service record (ADM159) was held by TNA and in the public domain.
Your reply was that the document I was interested in, was known as a CS20 card, but that it had been transferred to TNA.
Please explain what other services had similar cards in WW2, what their designations were (as per CS20) and if they have been transferred to TNA. If subsets have been transferred rather than complete sets, please explain the selection criteria used in creating the subsets. When I use the word services, I mean:
“The Army” and any subdivisions which have different subsets, possibly DEMS gunners might be one? Territorials might be another?
The Royal Navy
The Royal Marines
The Royal Naval Reserve
The Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve
The Women’s Royal Naval Service
The Royal Airforce
Yours sincerely, Graham Woolgar, Ministry of Defence

Dear Mr Woolgar,

Your request has been logged under our reference FOI2024/01197 and the
target date for response is 15 February 2024.

Yours sincerely,

DBS Secretariat, Ministry of Defence

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Dear Mr Woolgar,

Please find attached our response to your recent enquiry.


Defence Business Services Secretariat