World War II Medal Index Cards For Royal Marines Personnel

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Dear Ministry of Defence,
Please provide images of both sides of the World War II medal index cards for the following:
ON Surname Initials Date of Birth
PLY 15676 Adwick P G 20/10/1894
CH 21474 Bunce W J 10/04/1900
PLY 14934 Grace W J 5/2/1890
RMA 15644 Laws B 18/11/1899
All were born more than 116 years ago.
Yours faithfully,
Graham Woolgar

DBS RES-Secretariat (MULTIUSER),

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Good Afternoon Mr Woolgar


Please find attached a response to the Freedom of Information response
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DBS Secretariat Team

Dear DBS RES-Secretariat (MULTIUSER),
Many thanks for your response and may I wish you a somewhat belated Happy New Year.
Yours sincerely,
Graham Woolgar