Dear Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland,

I would like to know the total number of people who have died in workplace accidents in Northern Ireland each full year (not financial) for the past five please.

Can you please provide the details in a table under the headings:

Total deaths
Total deaths Antrim/ Armagh/ Derry/ Down/ Fermanagh/ Tyrone
Total deaths in each sector affected please ie. farming, construction, fishing etc

Can you also tell me how many of these cases have been investigated each year by HSENI and total number in which the employer was found to be at fault.

Yours faithfully,

Shauna Corr

DfE HSENI FOI, Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland


Dear Shauna,




RE: Freedom of Information request - Workplace deaths

Our Reference: FOI/1/2020


I refer to your recent e-mail received in the Health and Safety Executive
for Northern Ireland today Thursday 9 January 2020.   


We are currently working on your request and will be in touch with you
once our response is complete.


If you have any queries about this email, please email [1][HSENI request email]
quoting the reference FOI/1/2020 in any communications. 


Yours faithfully,


Laura Donnelly

Information Management Unit

02890 546800



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DfE HSENI FOI, Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland

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Dear Shauna Corr,




I refer to request for information under the above Act.


Following a search of our paper and electronic records I wish to advise
you HSENI holds information relevant to your request.


This information is actively published on a yearly basis on our website as
part of our Publication scheme. The specific information in relation to
Workplace fatalities and Prosecutions is contained within our ‘Annual
Report and Statement of Accounts’. As such this information is exempt
under Section 21 of the FOIA – ‘Information reasonably accessible by other
means’. For convenience this information has been collated into a single
PDF document (we do not hold the information in the format requested) and
is attached to this email.


I hope you find this information useful, but if you are dissatisfied with
the way in which HSENI has handled your request, please go to HSENI’s
website at the following web address which explains the actions that are
available to you:


o [1]



Yours sincerely


Zara Kelly

Information Management Unit

[2][email address]






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