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Michael made this Freedom of Information request to St George's University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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Dear St George's University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust,

1. Does your trust or associated Integrated Care System (ICS) have access to funding or grants aimed at supporting one or more of the following workforce areas e.g. from NHS England & Improvement/NHSX/Health Education England etc. for purchase of technology or services
• People Analytics
• Talent Management
• Wellbeing
• Engagement
• Learning & Development
• Organisational Development
• Recruitment and Retention
• Flexible working
• Diversity and inclusion
• Growing your own talent through workforce planning with schools and universities
2. If yes, please indicate the amount of funding available and the name of the organisation that awarded the funding
3. Please provide further detail on the purpose of the funding
4. Has any of the funding been spent/planned to be spent so far? If yes, please provide further detail
5. What date does the funding need to be used by?
6. What does your organisation use e.g. tools, third-party suppliers to capture ROI (Return on Investment) for any initiatives associated with the workforce areas listed in question 1?

Yours faithfully,
Michael Vine, St George's University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

St Georges University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust




Dear Correspondent,

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Your Sincerely,

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