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The request was successful.

Dear Woodcote Primary School, Coulsdon,

There was a survey asking parents how they travelled to school - see 13 questions below.

The council have stated this survey was organised by the school.

The survey now comes up as closed. Why si that?
When was this survey open - dates please?

Who created the questions for this survey?
Who was invited to take part, and by what method?
Was this a random survey or a self-selecting one?
What proportion of the target audience responded?

Please provide the results of the survey.
Were these sent to the council - and if so when and to which department / officer?

1. Which area do you live in?
2. How far do you travel to school?
3. How long does it take to travel to school?
4. How do you travel to and from school?
5. How important is the ability to park outside school to you?

6. If you currently drive to school please tell us why (select all that apply)
7. If you currently drive to school where do you tend to park?
8. If you currently drive to school how easy do you find it to park your car?
9. If you or your children do not currently cycle to school please tell us why (select all that apply)

10. If you or your children don't currently walk to school please tell us why (select all that apply)
11. How would you feel about a cycle lane at the school side of Dunsfold Rise? (Select all that apply)
12. Are there any improvements that you would like to see made to transport provision that would encourage you to cycle, walk, use public
transport or car share with other parents?
13. Are there any issues of pupils' travel safety that you would like to raise?

Yours faithfully,

James Muldoon

Office at Woodcote Primary School, Woodcote Primary School, Coulsdon

1 Attachment

To James Muldoon

Please find attached and below a response to your FOI.

The Survey was organised by the school following the meeting held in February 2017 regarding the issues in the school road. It was agreed at the meeting that the school would conduct a survey, as we do at regular intervals, to inform our School Travel Plan and the information would be shared with the council.

The survey was opened on 10th March 2017 and was mentioned in our weekly memo. There was then a reminder sent in our weekly memo on the 17th March (attached) and the survey was closed on the 31st March 2017. This allowed us to collate the information.

The survey used questions that we have used historically for travel surveys, and from prior guidance from TfL.

The survey was created by Mrs Baldock on Survey Monkey and staff/families of the school were invited to contribute.

169 responses were received out of what we estimate to have been a possible 600 responses (approximately)

On the 24th April 2017 an email was sent to Daniel Oates, Enforcement Manager at Parking Services with the results of the survey (attached)

The responses to your 13 questions below which link to the survey questions can be seen in the attached, including written comments for questions 12 and 13.


Woodcote Primary School

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