Dear Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council,

Who was appointed to provide Winter Warm Packs to the council in December 2017?

What price did they quote per pack?

How many bidders placed bids for this contract?

Please supply a list of all the bidders who placed bids for this contract.

Please also supply a copy of the winning bidders response, and the evaluation scores and comments associated with that response.

Yours faithfully,

Peter Nathanail

Sandwell MBC, Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council

Mr Peter Nathanail
Your request for information has been passed to an investigating officer.
Your reference is FS-Case-65454234
Thank you
Sandwell MBC

Karen Boden, Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council



I refer to the above Freedom of Information relating to the Winter Warm


I wish to seek an Extension to this and hope to get a response to you by
Wednesday 7^th February.


Could you please confirm that this is acceptable.





Dear Karen Boden,

This will be acceptable. I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely,


Karen Boden, Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council

3 Attachments



Many thanks for agreeing an extension to the deadline for this request.


Please now  find attached response.





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