Window Cleaning

Alex Watson made this Freedom of Information request to Chichester College Group

This request has been closed to new correspondence. Contact us if you think it should be reopened.

The request was refused by Chichester College Group.

Dear Chichester College,

Please provide information on your corporate group buildings window
cleaning contract, or contracts.

1. What is the (Annual) cost of window cleaning (exc VAT) for your
contract, or contracts?

2. When were the corporate window cleaning contracts awarded and to

3. When are the next review date(s)?

4. Where and what date/month/year will you be advertising your
future contracts for window cleaning?

5. What will be the type of buildings and how many of them (approx)
are in the window cleaning contract(s)?

6. If your main window cleaning contract is within your
accommodation and building services contract, please state and then
confirm if you would allow an SME supplier to tender separately for
your window cleaning lot?

7. Is there a telephone contact number and email of the procurement
office/officer that would deal with this in the future?

Thank you for your early response.

Yours faithfully,

Alex Watson

Vinall, Catherine, Chichester College Group

Dear Alex


Thank you for your FOI request received on 20 March regarding window
cleaning.  The College will not be providing you with the information you
have requested. Our response is that the request does not pass the Public
Interest Test as prescribed in the Act.  Specifically, Section 43 of the
Act permits public authorities to protect our own commercial interests and
those of third parties with whom we engage. We are determining to apply
this Exemption to your request.  Finally, the Act also permits us to
decline to provide information where it would be used by the enquirer to
gain competitive advantage in the market place.


I am very happy to pass your details on to our Estates & Facilities Team. 
You can also email information to the team via this email address
[1][email address]



Catherine Vinall
Clerk to the Governing Body
Chichester College
Westgate Fields
PO19 1SB
Tel: 01243 786321 ext 2131
Email: [2][email address]



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