Dear Maritime and Coastguard Agency,

I am writing to request information on paramedics working on HM Coastguard helicopters. Specifically I would like to know:

- What is the scope of practice of your paramedics? (Skills and drugs they are allowed to use. Please include any advanced skills if applicable.)

- What drugs do they carry?

- Are your paramedics allowed to intubate? If so, how are they required to demonstrate and maintain competency?

- What medical equipment / bags (and contents) / medical devices do your paramedics use and carry?

- On average, how many ill or injured patients are taken to hospital by your paramedics each year?

Yours faithfully,

Bob Smith

HM Coastguard, Maritime and Coastguard Agency

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Good afternoon Mr Smith,


Please see attached the response letter for your Freedom of Information
Request, as well as the appropriate annex.


Many Thanks,

HMCG HQ Business Unit
Maritime and Coastguard Agency

Spring Place
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