Why I was not given the opportunity of extending my service career to qualify for a pension.

Waiting for an internal review by Ministry of Defence of their handling of this request.

Dear Ministry of Defence,
My 12 years of service in the Royal Air Force ended in September 1974. At that time I did not qualify for a service pension. In April 1975 the regulations for qualifying for a service pension were changed. If I had been made aware that the rules to qualify for a pension were to be changed shortly after my term of service was finished I could and would have extended my term of service. Do you have a reason why service people were not informed? and also is there and hope is being granted a pension?

Yours faithfully,

David Crome

People-Sec-FOI Mailbox (MULTIUSER), Ministry of Defence

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Dear Mr Crome,


Please find enclosed a response from the Ministry of Defence to your
recent FOI request. I apologise for the delay in sending this to you.




Defence People Secretariat

Dear People-Sec-FOI Mailbox (MULTIUSER), I was discharged in September 1974. in April 1975 a new pension plan was put into effect. The new pension plan was known in 1973, and if I had been made aware of this new plan, I could have extended my service to qualify for a pension. My question is why was I not advised of the new
pension plan before I applied for my discharge.

Yours sincerely,

David Crome