Why hasn't Southeastern ordered any additional rolling stock over the past few years

The request was successful.

Dear Department for Transport,
Im writing to ask why the department for transport didn't consider allowing Southeastern to procure additional rolling stock back in 2014. And why are causing Southeastern and to GTR "to work together to provide alternative workable solutions for offering additional extra capacity in Southeastern for 2017, including credible stabling options. Why wasn't additional rolling stock procured for the network rather than providing alternative solutions in the short term.

Can you state how many Class 377 Electrostars are transfering to Southeastern from GTR this year in total.

Back in 2014, your department allowed Thameslink order new trains for their network which resulted in two brand-new depots to be built along a side it. Why can't you do the same to Southeastern. I know that Southeastern requires more space for its train to stable so why cant you allow for a new depot to be built.

At the moment, you have a consultation for the south eastern franchise on your website. It's doesnt mention anything about the replacement or additional rolling stock to the franchise.
Along aside to DfT’s ambitions for this franchise in December 2018: Could you add the procurement of new or additional rolling stock to the next franchise requirements.

Yours faithfully,


Department for Transport

Dear B.Edwards,

I am writing to acknowledge receipt of your request for information which
has been allocated reference number P0015046.

A response will be issued to you in due course.


Department for Transport
FOI Advice Team
Digital Service
Zone D/04
Ashdown House
Sedlescombe Road North
St Leonards on Sea
East Sussex
TN37 7GA

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Dear Department for Transport,

Please pass this on to the person who conducts Freedom of Information reviews.

I am writing to request an internal review of Department for Transport's handling of my FOI request 'Why hasn't Southeastern ordered any additional rolling stock over the past few years'.

I emailed this department for an freedom of information response about Southeastern additional rolling stock back in July 2017. I would appreciate it, if this issue is dealt with in the next few weeks as i have been waiting nearly 2 months since i first orginally asked for this information. Why has it taken 2 months to someone at the Department For Transport to email back me a response about the information i had asked for.

A full history of my FOI request and all correspondence is available on the Internet at this address: https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/w...

Yours faithfully,


Michael Cook, Department for Transport

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Dear B Edwards,


Please find attached a response regarding your Freedom of Information


Kind regards


Michael Cook


[1][IMG]          Mr Michael Cook 
Correspondence Manager, Briefing & Public Affairs,
Passenger Services 

4/12, Great Minster House
33 Horseferry Road, London, SW1P 4DR  

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B.Edwards left an annotation ()

Im still waiting from the Department For Transport for a response to my enquiry.

Dear Michael Cook,
Would it be possible to have a update on this, as I haven't heard anything back from anyone @ Department for Transport about the issue I have raised about Southeastern.

In addition to this matter, will the new franchise (December 2018- onwards) of the existing Southeastern rail company have the option of new or additional rolling stock offered.

Thanks for your time.
Yours sincerely,


FOI-ADVICE-TEAM-DFT, Department for Transport

Dear B Edwards,

Thank you for your internal review request sent to us earlier today.

Your original correspondence for this particular 'What do They Know' request was sent and received by the department on the 24th August 2017 which means 20 working days on gives a deadline date of next Friday 22nd September 2017. We aim to provide you with a response to this particular query on or before that date.

I am aware that you submitted an additional requests to the department via the 'What do They Know' website on the 24th August on the same subject. This request is currently being processed and again we aim to respond by the 22nd September.

Finally I am aware of a third request that you submitted to the department, again same subject, on the 27th July. Our response to that request is overdue and I would like to apologise for the delay. We are working to answer that request as soon as possible.


Ivan Pocock
FOI Advice Team, Digital Service, Group Assurance and Digital Directorate

Department for Transport
D/04, Ashdown House
Sedlescombe Road North,
St Leonards on Sea, TN37 7GA

Rail-franchise-correspondence, Department for Transport

2 Attachments

Dear Mr Edwards,


Please find attached the response to your correspondence about
Southeastern rolling stock.


Thank you,


Department for Transport

PO Correspondence

5/22 Great Minster House

33 Horseferry Road









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