Why do DISABLED Spinal Cord Injured claimants, need a Stopwatch & a Tape Measure?

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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

Under the FOI Act, please can you provide the WRITTEN copies of guidance papers , that are used by DWP or (the people that you contract out to, HCP's, or indeed the members of the Tribunal Panel Hearing etc..) . Or clarify whether these are "Verbal Rules"only?

1) Why do DISABLED Spinal Cord Injured claimants need a Stopwatch & a Tape Measure?
2) Why is it NECESSARY for the disabled claimant , whether they HAVE the ability or NOT,
to know EXACTLY the following?
3) To Know how FAR they can walk ?
4) How QUICKLY they can walk ?
5) Can they do this REPEATEDLY ?
6) When asking the claimant , it is Not made Clear , as to what different lengths & times mean, or relating to? ie ;-
Does getting off one's back .if at all/managing to put one's feet on the ground or being able to take a FEW steps(do any of these examples, class as a length) please clarify?
7) If the claimant is "CONFUSED" of what is being asked by the DWP/HCP or Tribunal panel etc (claimant may not be very good at "estimating distances & the times off the top of their heads!!)
When "ACCUSED of being EVASIVE" over these questions . The claimant then becomes/registered as a "Benefit Fraudster" why is this?
8) Why is it NOT made clear, that a "vague answer" or " guess" , is a REFUSAL?
9) In what context does the word "FOLLOW" mean ? This phrase is on the claim form. But is a very ambiguous word to use, is it not? As it can be open for "ANY INTERPRETATION" that the DWP wishes?
10) The rules, as well as the wording & questions on the claim forms , seem to have been designed purposefully , in order to deny any help or payment? Is this true?
Yours faithfully,

taryn taylor

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