Who nominated Vijay Patel for an OBE?

Thyroid Ninja made this Freedom of Information request to Main Honours Advisory Committee

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The request was refused by Main Honours Advisory Committee.

Dear Main Honours Advisory Committee,

Vijay Patel, of pharmacuetical company recieved an OBE this year (2019).

1. Who nominated Vijay Patel for this honour?
2. How many times has Vijay Patel been nominated for an OBE?
3. Has any previous nomination of Vijay Patel for an OBE ever been refused?
4. Was his award of an OBE approved by an independent committee?
5. If yes, was the committee aware of the CMA cases involving Mr Patel & the various pharmaceutical conpanies he has been involved in?
6. Were any objections raised to his nomination?
7. If objections were raised, by whom, and who overruled them?

Yours faithfully,

Thyroid Ninja

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