who funds wirral labour group And by how much -

The request was partially successful.

Dear Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council,
would you please let me know who funds wirral labour group and by how much

Yours faithfully,

pt ogorman

InfoMgr, FinDMT, Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council

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Dear PT Ogorman


Thank you for your recent request made under the Freedom of Information
Act, which has been received by Wirral Borough Council.


Your enquiry is unclear but if it relates to Wirral Labour Councillors, we
can advise that Members of the council are entitled to be paid allowances
in accordance with regulations issued by the Government, the latest being
the Local Authorities (Members’ Allowances) (England) Regulations 2003. 
This information is as part of our Publication Scheme at
[1]www.wirral.gov.uk at the following link


If you wish to clarify more specific details regarding the services that
your enquiry is about, we can revisit your request.


You can reply  to [Wirral Borough Council request email] marked for the
attention of the ICT Governance and Compliance Manager (DPO).


However please also be advised due to current pressures on the Council’s
resources and workforce, due to the Corona Virus; you may experience a
delay in response to any clarification you submit.


Yours sincerely



Tracy O'Hare

Information Management Officer

Wirral Council

Treasury Building

Cleveland Street

CH41 1AH

[3]Tel:0151 691 8397

Email:[4][Wirral Borough Council request email]

Visit our website: [5]www.wirral.gov.uk





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protected by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.   You are free
to use it for your own purposes, including any non commercial research you
are doing and for the purposes of news reporting. Any other reuse, for
example commercial publication, would require our specific permission, may
involve licensing and the application of a charge




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