Who agrees to the detention of young children?

The request was partially successful.

Dear Birmingham Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust,

1. How many children aged 13 (year 8 pupils) were inpatients of a psychiatric ward in the last 12 months for which records are held?

2 Of those children relevant to question 1 please answer the following:

A. how many were in Local authority care ie under a Care Order?
B. how many were parented by special guardians?
C. How many were parented by their birth parents?

3. How many 13 year olds detained under the MHA 1983 were deemed to be Gillick competent?

4. In relation to answers given to question 2, please state whether the child gave their consent or whether the parent/guardian or local authority consented in the absence of consent from the child.

5. Of those children relevant to question 2, how many were under section 3?

6. How many complaints were made by 13 year olds about their care/treatment?

7. How many 13 year old children ran away or attempted to run away from inpatient care in the last 12 months that records are held?

8. How many 13 year olds relevant to question 1 were diagnosed with a mental illness/mental disorder?

9. In what circumstances is a mother with parental responsibility refused any information regarding their detained 13 year old child?

10. In cases where a 13 year old child has been detained under the Mental Health Act by a Local Authority or a Special Guardian, and the child has requested contact with their parent, how many children have been refused/provided the contact requested during the last 12 months?

11. According to the guidelines, to what extent is a 13 year old child's wishes and feelings taken into account when deciding the child's treatment?

12. In the last 12 months, has any detained child successfully displaced the nearest relative?

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Freedom Of Information (RQ3) BCH, Birmingham Children's Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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Publication Scheme Co-ordinator

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Freedom Of Information (RQ3) BCH, Birmingham Children's Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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Dear Freedom Of Information (RQ3) BCH,

Has this information been passed to the Health and Social Care commission? They don't appear to have it.

Yours sincerely,