Which company provides the door access systems around the university.

K York made this Freedom of Information request to University of Huddersfield

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The request was refused by University of Huddersfield.

Dear University of Huddersfield,

I am getting in touch to ask which company supplies the door access card readers on buildings around the University of Huddersfield (used for contact-less access on campus cards).

Please give all information relating to:
- The make and model of readers used
- The company which manufactures/distributes the readers
- Any third-party installers/channel partners used to purchase the readers
- The security infrastructure provider
- The software used to manage the door controllers and readers.
- Approximate quantity of doors at the university.
- Name of the Head of Estates for the University.

Additionally, if the university uses readers from multiple suppliers, please give a list of all suppliers.

Thank you in advance.

Yours faithfully,

K York

Freedom of Information requests, University of Huddersfield

Thank you for your email.


If your enquiry is a request for information under the Freedom of
Information Act 2000 or the Environmental Regulations 2004, you will
receive the information requested within the statutory timescale of 20
working days, as defined by the Act, subject to the information not being
exempt. Please note that if the information you request contains reference
to a third party then they may be consulted prior to a decision being
taken on whether or not to release the information to you.


If the request relates to your own personal data under the Data Protection
Act 2018, please email [1][email address]


For any other enquiry, please visit the University’s contact pages to help
you redirect your email: [2]https://www.hud.ac.uk/contact/


Yours sincerely,


The Information Governance Officer

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This transmission is confidential and may be legally privileged. If you
receive it in error, please notify us immediately by e-mail and remove it
from your system. If the content of this e-mail does not relate to the
business of the University of Huddersfield, then we do not endorse it and
will accept no liability.


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1. mailto:[email address]
2. https://www.hud.ac.uk/contact/

Freedom of Information requests, University of Huddersfield

Good morning


Our response to your request for information dated 27 January 2022 is
provided below.


The University confirms that it holds the information requested. However,
we consider that this information is exempt from disclosure under section
31(1)(a) of the Freedom of Information Act. Section 31(1)(a) sets out that
information is exempt from disclosure if its release would or would be
likely to prejudice the prevention or detection of crime. Disclosing
details of the University's door access security system into the public
domain would or would be likely to place the University at risk of hacking
and potentially risk the security of the University’s staff, students and

Section 31(1)(a) is a qualified exemption. This means that the University
is required to consider whether the public interest in releasing the
information outweighs the public interest in maintaining the exemption.
The University acknowledges there is public interest in transparency and
accountability. However, the information being requested has the potential
to compromise the University's security processes if it were released into
the public domain, and it is not in the public interest for the security
of the University's staff, students and property to be placed at risk.
Therefore, the University is of the opinion that the public interest lies
in favour of withholding the requested information. Consequently, your
request will not be processed further and this email constitutes a refusal
notice under Section 17(4) of the Freedom of Information Act.

In line with our duty to provide advice and assistance under Section 16 of
the Act, please note that the security infrastructure provider for the
University is Oracle, and the details of the University's Director of the
Estates and Facilities is available on our website

If you are dissatisfied with the handling of your request, you have the
right to ask for an internal review. Internal review requests should be
submitted within 40 working days from the date of our response to your
original request and should be addressed to the University Secretary,
University of Huddersfield, Queensgate, Huddersfield HD1 3DH or by email
to [2][University of Huddersfield request email].


Please note that all copyright in this response belongs to the University
of Huddersfield; you are not permitted to publish, reproduce, copy or
otherwise use this response, except as permitted by the Copyright, Designs
and Patents Act 1988.


Further information about the Freedom of Information Act can be obtained
from the Information Commissioner’s Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane,
Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF, [3]http://www.ico.org.uk/.


Yours sincerely


Esha Goswami

Information Governance Officer

University of Huddersfield









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