Which Bristol Mayoral candidates in 2012 were given a sum of money by the Port of Bristol to help with their election expenses

steve virgin made this Freedom of Information request to First Corporate Shipping Limited
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Dear First Corporate Shipping Limited,

We know that during the Bristol City Council Mayoral Elections of 2012 the Port of Bristol made donations to several Mayoral election candidates to help with their election expenses.

1) Can you confirm this statement as being true or false?

2) Which candidates were they?

3) When did they receive their donation to election expenses?

3) Did all the candidates receive a donation of £10,000 or were some offered more than others?

4) If any of these Mayoral Election candidate expense donations were subsequently 'paid back' when did this happen and can you provide evidential records (emails, bank acknowledgement etc) that this did really happen

Many thanks in advance for your kind cooperation

Yours faithfully,

Steve Virgin

Sue Turner, First Corporate Shipping Limited

Dear Mr Virgin

Thank you for your FOI request. The Freedom of Information Act does not apply to First Corporate Shipping as it is a private company, however the information you have requested is largely already available in the public domain so to help you we have compiled the details below.

First Corporate Shipping made donations to the following:
£500 - Bristol Manifesto Ltd
£2000 - Bristol North West Conservative Association
£2000 - Bristol Liberal Democrats
£2000 - Labour South West

These donations were all made around August/September 2012 in order to support the democratic process to elect Bristol’s first directly elected Mayor. First Corporate Shipping offered a donation of £2000 to Bristol 1st but Bristol 1st did not accept the donation.

Yours sincerely

Sue Turner
Director of Communications
The Bristol Port Company
0117 982 0000

steve virgin left an annotation ()

It is just not credible - the Port of Bristol sent draft 'replies' to my request to Mayoral election candidates which I saw before this answer. On 27th April 2014 they said yes the Port of Bristol had paid a political donation to Bristol 1st in July/August. They went on to add that Bristol 1st paid it back in December 2012. Then, within a few days they changed this reply and denied paying Bristol 1st saying they refused the donation. This stinks. In a call the Port person said 'I got my research wrong I double checked and corrected it. Sorry this is not credible. We have the text and emails of all of this.