When were the DWP first aware of the effects of removal of indexation on the Additional State Pension/GMP

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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

From a provisional copy of draft report done by the parliamentary Ombudsman when they found the DWP guilty of maladministration because they did not mention that the additional state pension/GMP indexation was not going to be paid under the new state pension it mentions the following.

To what extent were DWP aware of the negative effects of the removal of indexation
on the Additional State Pension/GMP?

29. DWP told us that they knew indexation on the Additional State Pension/GMP
would end from around 2012 (paragraph 18). This is reflected in the White Paper from
January 2013 and their impact assessment in May 2013. Therefore, DWP do not
disagree with Mr Kenny on this point. The main disagreement turns on whether the
ending of indexation on the Additional State Pension/GMP would have a negative
impact on those due to reach State Pension Age in the first few years after April 2016
(when the new. State Pension-was rolled out).

Can you please let me have the information from the White Paper in January 2013 and impact assessment in May 2013 that reflected /showed that the additional state pension /GMP indexation calculation would no longer be done to pay the indexation with the additional state pension.

Yours faithfully,

C. Thompson

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