When was it decided a judge falling asleep in court was unrelated to a judicial decision

Dudley Jones made this Freedom of Information request to Judicial Conduct Investigations Office

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Judicial Conduct Investigations Office did not have the information requested.

Dear Judicial Conduct Investigations Office,

1) What was the date of the meeting at which the JCIO decided a 'judge falling asleep in court' could not possibly be seen as 'related to a judicial decision' and was therefore to be included in the list of things you 'COULD complain about' in a judge's behaviour.


This seems like another brilliant example of JCIO logic: a judge snoozes his way through the whole of a case and it doesn't affect his decision? This makes perfect sense, doesn't it? Where would British justice be without the JCIO?

Yours faithfully,

Dudley Jones

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Rasul, Nazir (JCIO), Judicial Conduct Investigations Office

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Dear Mr Jones


Please find attached a response to your FOI request.




Nazir Rasul

Senior Caseworker

Judicial Conduct Investigations Office


81-82 Queens Building 

Royal Courts of Justice


020 7071 5679


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