When did EIBSS make the Request to Russel-Cooke

The request was successful.

Dear NHS Business Services Authority,

I writing to request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to Request the following information fro EIBSS.

Can you please provided the commutation (whether by letter or email) between EIBSS & Russell-Cooke for the data matching exercise undertaken in regards to the parity announcement of the 25th of March. When was the request made by EIBSS (for the 200 files needed to complete the parity exercise) to Russel-Cooke?

Yours faithfully,

S Carroll


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Dear S Carroll


Please find attached a final letter regarding your recent Freedom of
Information request.


We would also value your feedback regarding the way in which your request
was handled. You can provide us with direct feedback on our website at the
following web link:


[1]Information Governance Survey


Any feedback you provide will be strictly anonymous and much appreciated.


Summary of Response


A copy of the information is attached with some information redacted as


Please be aware that I have decided not to release full details of all
staff as this information falls under the exemption in Section 40
subsections 2 and 3(A)(a) of the Freedom of Information Act. 


This is because it would breach the first data protection principle as:

a)       It is not fair to disclose these people’s personal details to the
world and is likely to cause damage or distress to staff

b)       These details are not of sufficient interest to the public to
warrant an intrusion into the privacy of those staff.


Annex A in the attached sets out the exemption in full.




Chris Dunn

Information Governance Specialist

Security and Information Governance


We are constantly looking at ways to improve our services. You can give
us feedback using the link below:

[3]Information Governance



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