Dear NHS Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group,
I would be most grateful if you would kindly furnish the following information under the Freedom of Information Act:

1) Is your Wheelchair service procured as a separate service, or is it combined with other services such as Community Equipment, Prosthetics etc. If so, which services is it combined with?

2) Is your wheelchair service procured as an integrated wheelchair service (i.e. Assessments and approved repair in one contract) or separately as different contracts?

3) Is your provider / providers an NHS organisation or a contracted out non NHS organisation?

4) What is the name of your current Wheelchair Services provider – or if Approved Repair and Assessments are provided separately, what are the names of the providers for each service?

5) Is your wheelchair service exclusive to your CCG?

6) If your service is combined with another CCG please provide a list of the CCGs that share this wheelchair service and confirm who is the lead CCG?

7) When was each part of your wheelchair service (Assessment, Approved Repair, or integrated) last tendered?

8) When does the current contract expire. Please provide details of any potential contract extensions?

9) Please provide the date this Wheelchair service will be next tendered?

10) What is the size of the population covered by your wheelchair service?

11) How many registered users are served by the Wheelchair Service?

12) What is the contract spend in the last financial year for the integrated Wheelchair service?

Many thanks,

Yours faithfully,

Neil Douglas

Foi (NHS NEL CSU), NHS Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group

Dear Mr Douglas


RE: Freedom of Information Request


I am writing to formally acknowledge your request for information
regarding Wheelchair Services which will be processed under the Freedom of
Information Act 2000. I can confirm your request was received on 9 October
2019 by NEL on behalf of the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) listed
below. The references for your requests are shown alongside.


NHS Kingston CCG                           FOI.19.KIN149


An initial investigation is currently taking place into whether the
information you have requested is held by the CCGs and if so, whether it
can be released in accordance with the legislation.


Any fees applicable to this request will be detailed in writing as soon as
they can be determined. Your request will then be placed on hold and you
will have the choice of whether to proceed with your request. Should any
clarification of your request be required we will advise you accordingly.


If you require any assistance, or would like to discuss your request,
please do not hesitate to contact us quoting the reference number above.


Yours sincerely,


Freedom of Information Team
[1][Kingston CCG request email] 


Lower Marsh, 3^rd Floor
Waterloo, London, SE1 7NT






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Foi (NHS NEL CSU), NHS Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group

1 Attachment

Dear Mr Douglas


RE:          FOI.19.KIN149 on behalf of NHS Kingston Clinical
Commissioning Group


Please find attached a letter responding to your Freedom of Information


With regards



Freedom of Information team

[email address]



1 Lower Marsh, 3^rd Floor 
Waterloo, London SE1 7NT






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