What is the current status and condition of ex HMS Bronington

Ministry of Defence did not have the information requested.

Dear Ministry of Defence,

I know that you are not the owner nor responsible for the maintenance or disposal of Ex HMS Bronington but are the organisation most likely to be able to obtain answers from Peel Ports.

Could you therefore please try and obtain information and advise the current status of the vessel vis-a vis its condition and plans for re-floating and either restoring or deconstructing her?

Yours faithfully,

Gerry O'Regan

Izzard, John C1 (DES SEC-PolSecLDSE), Ministry of Defence

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From: Izzard, John C1 (DES SEC-PolSecLDSE)
Sent: 20 November 2017 15:37
To: [FOI #444626 email]
Subject: FOI2017/11305: HMS BRONINGTON

Dear Mr O'Regan

Please find attached a reply to your Freedom of Information request dated
8 November 2017.



John Izzard | DE&S Secretariat | LD SE

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