What are the discussed outcomes of The Brexit Negotiations, if we want a no-deal brexit?

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Shaun, of the Family: Cassidy

Dear Cabinet Office,

I am one of the many people who voted to leave the European Union. I am a brexiteer. and i also convinced others quite easily to vote to leave. We voted to leave on the premise of restoring our once great nation to its full sovereign status and complete independence with the following points of law:

It's Right to Independent Sovereignty.
It's Right to Make Law independent of a foreign power.
It's Right to Govern fairly according to British Law, not European Law.
and It's Right to scrutinize in public debate, all forms of legislation both primary and secondary. oh... and
Our right not to pay the European Union. We dont owe them a penny. They owe us The Taxpayer, quite a lot of money since 1973.

So, as it is being understood, The Current Government is doing all it can to effectively give up those rights during these negotiations, which, in essence, those very aforementioned rights, prevent the European Union from Controlling the United Kingdom as a vassal state. Now these questions i pose to you, demand an answer, or we the electorate will demand another election and we will boot the tories out once, and for all, because we demand to leave the EU.

Now for these Questions:

Question 1: Will the current government consider a no-deal brexit... and just "leave"?

Reason 1: As we dont want to pay billions to leave something we never gave our consent to enter into in the first place. (SEE FCO 30/1048)

Question 2: What are current propositional papers for the "deal" that Theresa May has on the table? - please release this in a public PDF unedited and complete.

Question 3: What are the currently discussed outcomes of a brexit with a deal, compared to that of a brexit, without a deal? - please release this in a publicly accessible PDF.

Question 4: What is Whitehall's current view on The Brexit Negotiations? Please release statements in a PDF.

Question 5: Will the Cabinet Consider appointing a member of the general public, who voted for brexit, to be the brexit negotiator?

Please release any correspondence in the form of a PDF so that it may be made accessible to all sovereign british residents.

Yours faithfully,
Master Cassidy,

FOI Team Mailbox, Cabinet Office



Thank you for your request for information. Your request was received
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Yours sincerely,

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Cabinet Office

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