Dear Ministry of Defence,

recently it was brought to my attention that West Lowland cadet force are using a volunteer agreement v2.0

this is not the official volunteer agreement, nationally issued by regional command cadet branch, but has been drafted at a local level , its called "the cadet force adult volunteer commitment agreement" locally

in light of that could you provide the following could you provide the following

1. A copy of the agreement and all associated paperwork
2. The reason that they deem it necessary to create their own local agreement
3. Percentage of staff under the new agreement
4. Who’s authority the new agreement was singed off under for issue to CFAV
5. number of staff dismissed under the agreement


Yours faithfully,

R N Stebbings

Army Sec-Group (MULTIUSER), Ministry of Defence

1 Attachment

Dear R N Stebbings,

Please find attached an official response to your below FOI request.

Kind regards,

Manning Leader,
Army Secretariat

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