Welsh at Home in each state school in 2017

Abraham Somers Cocks made this Freedom of Information request to Welsh Government

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The request was successful.

Abraham Somers Cocks

Dear Welsh Government,

I was just wondering if what possible to have information from the 2017 school census about the number and percentage of children in each state school who speak Welsh fluently at home?

Thank you,
Yours faithfully,

Abraham Somers Cocks

Welsh Government

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Dear Abraham,
I have attached the data you requested from the January 2017 school census
as an Excel file.
The schools listed are all those open at the time of the census that had
pupils age 5 or over (age as at 31/08/2016), excluding all Special
schools. ‘Age 5 or over’ because it is not required for schools to collect
the data for those below compulsory school age. Special schools are not
required to provide this information in the census.
The actual assessment of fluency is made by the parents and collected by
the schools.
Gareth Hopkins
School and Teacher Statistics/
Ystadegau Ysgolion ac Athrawon
Finance and Corporate Services /
Cyllid a Gwasanaethau Corfforaethol
Welsh Government/
Llywodraeth Cymru
Tel/Ffôn: 029 2082 6203
Fax/Ffacs: 029 2082 5350
Email/Ebost: <[1]mailto:Gareth.Hopkins@gov.wales>
Website: [2]http://gov.wales/statistics-and-research...
or/neu    [3]http://gov.wales/statistics-and-research...
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1. mailto:Gareth.Hopkins@gov.wales
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3. http://gov.wales/statistics-and-research...

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