Dear Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust,

Since formation of the Trust, could I please have information on:

1) Number of inpatient deaths per year
2) Number of inpatient deaths occurring at Band Holidays and weekends each year
3) Number of out-patient deaths (people subject to care in the community on Section 117) per year
4) Number of out-patient deaths occurring at Bank Holidays and weekends each year
5) Total number of patients each year (in and out patients)

Thank you, I appreciate your time.

Yours faithfully,

D. Speers

Diane Parsons,

Our Ref:FOI/DP/Speers/400

Dear Sir/Madam

Re.Request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Thank you for your email received into our Trust 27th May 2010 requesting
information regarding patient deaths to which I would confirm the

Over the requested period of time there were 40 deaths. This broke down to
33 from natural causes, 23 of which were patients who died on Oxleas

There were 2 suicides in inpatient services and 2 in the community.

There were 2 patient safety deaths 1 recorded as choking and the other as
accidental death.

There is 1 outstanding inquest of a death within inpatient services.

Yours faithfully

Diane Parsons
Information Governance Team
Tel:01322 625011
Email:[Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust request email]
Fax:01322 625725

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