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Ceri Davies made this Freedom of Information request to Sianel Pedwar Cymru / Channel Four Wales

This request has been closed to new correspondence. Contact us if you think it should be reopened.

The request was partially successful.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Can you provide the following information regarding S4C's budget on website development:

a) Show the amount of money spent each year since 2004 on developing any website/microsite or specific section within the domain, regardless of whether these were produced in-house or contracted out.

b) Describe the process used for inviting tenders and rewarding the contracts for this work. Provide information about any supplier framework in place and how this was decided.

c) Provide a list of companies awarded work in the last 5 years, including a list of websites that each company had worked on.

Yours faithfully,

Ceri Davies

Dear Sir or Madam,

My FOI request sent on 20 October 2009 is now overdue. Could you please acknowledge the initial request and give a reason why you have not responded to this or provided the necessary information requested.

Yours faithfully,

Ceri Davies

Dear Sianel Pedwar Cymru / Channel Four Wales,

My FOI request sent on 20 October 2009 is now 8 months overdue! Could you please acknowledge the initial request and give a reason why you have not responded to this or provided the necessary information requested.

Yours faithfully,

Ceri Davies

Ceri Davies left an annotation ()

A comedy of errors...

Here is the current status of this request.

I submitted the initial request on 20 Oct 2009. Apparently this was never received by S4C.

I sent a reminder of the request being overdue on 18 Nov 2009 but this was not received either. I also telephoned S4C at this point and was told that they would look into it, but I did not receive a reply or any further correspondence. I have been working out of the UK since January so was not able to purse this.

I requested an internal review on 8 Jan 2010. This was received and S4C sent a reply directly to my e-mail address NOT to this website - I never received this email and have no proof that it was actually sent at this time.

(Note: I check my email daily and also check my 'spam' folder but did not see any relevant emails from S4C)

A further email was sent on 5 Feb 2010 containing the reply to my initial request. I did not receive this email either.

Following my reminder message on 24 June 2010, I received two e-mails on that same day which contained references to the previous unreceived e-mails. They contained attached Word documents that contained the official replies to this request.

Obviously I would like to show the content of these Word documents within this website, but am not sure whether annotations is the best way of doing this.

To summarise, they have replied to the request as follows:

Section a) - They conclude that this information is exempt under section 43 of the Act

Section b) - They have provided information about their tendering process and confirm that no framework is in place for website production, nor do they have an approved supplier process

Section c) - They say that they were preparing a list of contracts and would reply no later than 12 Feb 2010. To date, I have not received this information.

Dear Sianel Pedwar Cymru / Channel Four Wales,

Thank you for the information I have finally received in respect to my FOI request.

It is a shame that you did not receive my initial two emails in 2009 and that I did not receive your two replies in January and February.

It is a shame also that you replied directly to my email address and not via the WhatDoTheyKnow website - as the whole point of this website is to allow FOI requests to be open and transparent - and that replies are made public automatically. Replying to the website address may have expedited the request (or at least doubled the chance of the emails being received).

However I note that I was the first to make a request FOI via this website, so you may have been unsure of the process (particularly because of 'missing' emails).

In your forwarded emails from 24 June, your reply dated 5 Feb 2010 says this about my request - section c)

"Given the amount of work required to collate this data, the list has not yet been completed. We will aim to provide this list to you no later than 12 February."

I have not received this information yet - could you please forward this as soon as possible and ensure that it is emailed to the email address to ensure that this information is published.

Thank you.

Ceri Davies


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Dear Ceri

Thank you for your latest correspondence.

Your e-mail has now been forwarded to the relevant department for their

Yours sincerely

Elisabeth Garrod
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Phil Williams,

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Dear Ceri Davies

Many thanks for your email received via I hope this
response clarifies the issues you raise, and also provides a further copy
of the information noted in your email.

In relation to your original request to, as I noted in
my letter to you dated 13/01/10 (attached), we have no record of receiving
any emails from, and have no relationship with the
site, and therefore I do not know to where the site would have sent your
emails. It would not have been possible to reply to your original request
to the website of October 2009, as we did not receive the request.

Given that we did not receive your original FOI request made through the website, when we did receive your request in January of
this year by email, I replied to you by email to ensure that you received
our response. However I am responding to your latest email through the website as requested.

With regard to the list of information that I noted that I would send to
you in my letter of 5 February, this was sent to you as an excel
spreadsheet attached to an email dated 12 February. This email, together
with the attachment was forwarded to you, in the email of 24 June to which
you refer. I have attached a further copy of the email and the spreadsheet
for your information - please see the email entitled "Your FOI request -
further information". The spreadsheet is titled Websites 2005-2009.

As requested in my letter also sent on 12 February (sent to you also on 24
June), I would be grateful if you would clarify and update the status of
this request on the website.

I hope that you are able to open the attached files. If you cannot open
the file, please let me know so that we can arrange for a further copy to
be sent to you.

Yours sincerely

Phil Williams

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