Dear Supreme Court of the United Kingdom,

Can you please detail, for each year since your public website was launched, how much money has been spent on creating, developing, and running it; including every separate version of it since it began.

Where possible, please break these costs out by function (for example, development, design, updates, changes, hosting, co-location, domain registration, licensing etc).

Where the costs have been incurred with external providers, please list the companies in question.

For internal staff time, if this is not recorded and/or charged explicitly, please provide estimates based on salary/overheads and time of people involved.

I would also be grateful to receive full disclosure of the
tendering process including proposals of all unsuccessful bidders.

Please also detail future budget allocations for public websites where these have been considered.

Yours faithfully,

Henry Kitt

Achow, Ann,

I am on leave returning on 26 April. My e mails are not being monitored or
forwarded. i will attebnd to e mails on my return. If you are writing with
an FOI request or query please re send your email to
[email address]. For all other urgent enquiries
please ring our switchboard on 020 7960 1900
Ann Achow , Departmental Records Officer, The Supreme Court of the United
Kingdom, Parliament Square, London SW1P 3BD Tel 020 7960 1983

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Achow, Ann,

Dear Mr Kitt,
Thank you for your request.

The Supreme Court came into existence on 1 October 2009. The setting up
of the Court including procurement of the website was dealt with
before that date by the Ministry of Justice. I am only able to deal
with those elements of your request which relate to the period from 1
October 2009 onwards as we do not hold information relating to your
request prior to 1 October 2009.

I will deal with those elements of your request covered by the period
from 1 October 2009 onwards as soon as possible and ask that you
forward your request for pre 1 October 2009 information to the Ministry
of Justice at [email address]

Yours sincerely,

Ann Achow (Mrs)
Departmental Records Officer
The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom
Parliament Square

Tel: 020 7960 1983

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Achow, Ann,

Dear Mr Kitt,
Thank you for your request of 23 April 2010.

As I explained to you in my acknowledgement of your request the Ministry of Justice dealt with the set up of the Supreme Court including the website so please put your request to them for those parts of your request for the period pre 1 October 2009.

For the six months of the 2009/10 financial year from 1 October 2009 to 31 March 2010 the Supreme Court's costs for running the website, contracted to Atos/Logica who supply our IT service as part of the MoJ contracted IT service, have been £8,954.80p incl VAT. These costs are not broken down into the various categories covered in your request. Other costs incurred during the same period are as follows:

Website training (provider B Boros) £920 incl VAT
Protective domain renewals (provider Logica) £1314.83p incl VAT
Software for web manager and deputy -FTP, Dreamweaver, Photoshop. (provider Logica) £7201.96 incl VAT

The 2010/11 financial year budget allocation for running the website is £17709.60p incl VAT(again contracted to Atos/Logica. This budget is not broken down into the various categories covered in your request. We do not have budget information for any periods after the 2010/11 financial year.

There have been no re-designs, upgrades or separate versions of the website created since we went live on 1 October 2009. We do not hold any tendering information.

With regards to your request for internal staff costs I cannot provide this information as we do not hold it. Those employees engaged on website work also undertake other functions and we do not have a work recording system which separates out staff time. As the Freedom of Information Act covers only the provision of recorded information and does not require public authorities to collect or produce information which it does not hold I have to advise you that the information you request regarding internal staff costs is not available and that I will not be providing you with an estimate.

As part of our obligations under the FOIA, we have an independent review process. If you are dissatisfied with this decision, you may write to request an internal review. The internal review will be carried out by someone who did not make the original decision, and they will re-assess how your request was handled.

If you wish to request an internal review, please write or send an email to the Director of Corporate Services within two months of the date of this reply, at the following address:

Director of Corporate Services
The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom
Parliament Square

e mail: [email address]

If you remain dissatisfied after an internal review decision, you have the right to apply to the Information Commissioner's Office under Section 50 of the FOIA. You can contact the Information Commissioner's Office at the following address:

Information Commissioner's Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane


Yours sincerely,

Mrs Ann Achow
Departmental Records Officer
The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom
Parliament Square

Tel: 020 7960 1983

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