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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

Ref: VTR 3054-1245

In the above FoI response you have provided a breakdown of the 2,231 WCA appointment failures you regard as not attributable to Atos. For each of the 6 reasons (in the sequence you have listed them) what information is there to support:

1) The fact that claimants are warned they might have to wait up to 30 mins.

2) The fact that if a claimant arrives more than 10 mins late the appointment could be cancelled.

3) What “special needs” means and how they should be notified in advance. Note that discrimination legislation does NOT require the claimant to initiate this conversation and places the ENTIRE responsibility on Atos to make absolutely clear what it needs to know and why.

4) The definition of “unfit to be examined” (with examples).

5) The circumstances in which a nurse may be unable to continue (with examples). Note this represents a staggering 20% of the failures in this category.

6) The fact that Atos has authority to overbook appointments, to what degree and why it is not seen as their fault if the policy backfires.
In the same response you have provided 10 reasons for Atos failures.

1) Where is the full list of contractually agreed reasons documented with a clear definition of each?

2)The first 3 reasons you have listed are vague – please provide examples of what each might include.

3)20% of the failures are due to an HCP not being available – why were claimants not told to avoid them making the unnecessary journey?

4)If claimants arrive on time and cannot wait 30 mins, is this deemed the claimant’s fault thus placing continued ESA payments at risk?

Yours faithfully,

J Newman

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Dear Mr Newman,

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Dear DWP DWP Medical Services Correspondence,

Feedback for DWP:

I have been able to extract the information from what you have provided, but FoI legislation does require you to address requests directly. The answers to Q1 and Q2 are therefore is “they are not”. One has to wonder why.

Two other important issues are conspicuous by their absence from AL1C which clarify the reality behind Grayling's promises to improve customer support:

1) Why you might like to have your WCA recorded and how to go about organising it.

2) To bring along all the information you have – letters from GPs/consultants, X-rays, scan results etc., etc.

DWP regularly blames its decision errors on not having all of the information and then makes no attempt to ensure that it does. It rather looks like they don’t REALLY want to know.

Yours sincerely,

J Newman

DWP DWP Medical Services Correspondence, Department for Work and Pensions

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Dear Mr Newman

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