Water tests done by the Association of National Park Authorities

Pippa King made this Freedom of Information request to National Parks UK
This authority is not subject to FOI law, so is not legally obliged to respond (details).

This request has been closed to new correspondence. Contact us if you think it should be reopened.

National Parks UK did not have the information requested.

Dear Association of National Park Authorities,

Under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 please could you supply the following information:

1) Please advise what types of raw water are tested and monitored by yourselves, for example, reservoir water, rain water, river water, snow samples, ice samples, etc.

2) Please advise what tests are done on the raw water in the area that you are responsible for. What content you test for i.e. inorganic, organic, radioactive, microbiological. Etc.

If you need further clarification, please contact me by email. My preferred format to receive the information is electronically, but I can accept hard copies.
Some parts of this request may be easier to answer than others, and in such case please could you release available data as soon as possible rather than delay the entire request.

If the costs of processing this request exceed the limit in the Act, please advise on what information you are able to supply within the cost limit.

I look forward to your response within 20 working days, as outlined by the statute.

Yours faithfully,

Pippa King

Hi Pippa

Thanks for contacting the UK Association of National Park Authorities (UK

I'm afraid that we're not going to be much help to you in your Freedom of
Information Request. UK ANPA is not a governing body over the National
Parks, but a small Association that has been set up on behalf of the Chairs
of the 14 National Parks of the UK (plus the Broads Authority). Each
National Park Authority (NPA) is self governing, and carry out their
day-to-day business independent from each other. The role of UK ANPA is to
ensure that these NPA's periodically get together to share good practice and
to coordinate opportunities for the NPAs to carry out joint projects. We do
not carry out any type of record keeping for the NPAs, or get involved in
their operations.

If you haven't done so already, it might be best to contact each NPA on an
individual basis. You can find contact details here -
http://www.nationalparks.gov.uk/contactus Please note that both National
Parks Wales and the English National Parks Association (ENPAA) are in a
similar position to us, so will not be able to assist.

I hope this helps you in some way Pippa, and can only apologise again for
not being able to answer your requests fully.

Kind regards - Andy

Andy John
UK Association of National Park Authorities
126 Bute Street
CF10 5LE
t: 02920 499966
f: 02920 499980
w: www.nationalparks.gov.uk

8am - 6pm Tuesday to Friday

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