Water quality monitoring in Alexandra Park watercourses

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Dear Hastings Borough Council,

The HBC Alexandra Park development and management plan from 2020 https://www.hastings.gov.uk/content/park...

States that :
“3.1.7 Water Quality and Safety: Water quality and oxygen levels throughout the network of reservoirs, ponds, wells and streams is monitored regularly. The new works detailed in the Waterways Management Plan (Appendix A) have led to a tangible improvement of standards after the 1st year.”

Please provide under EIR the following

1. Details of the monitoring including the monitoring locations and dates of monitoring

2. The results of each monitoring incident including water quality test results, oxygen level test results and any other testing results obtained.

3. Details of the monitoring baselines used by HBC to judge whether water quality, oxygen levels are satisfactory. For example threshold levels of Ecoli CFUS , threshold levels of oxgen saturation

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Chris Hurrell

Information Officer, Hastings Borough Council

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Dear Mr Hurrell
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