Water Leak impacting cycle path undersneath Thicket Road Bridge, Fishponds

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Margaret Fortune

Dear Bristol City Council,

Please can you provide me with a list of obfuscated names of the people that have reported to you the water leak at Thicket Road in Fishponds where it crosses over the Bristol/Bath cycle track and the dates thereof. I assume that you will include correspondence sent to your affiliated project 'Better by Bike'.

I have reported it to Bristol Water PLC multiple times and they claim the responsibility lies with you.

This will pose a serious health hazard to the hundreds of cyclist using this route on a daily basis when the weather turns colder as it will become an ice skating rink, and I assume that you will be taking responsibility for this.

Yours faithfully,

Margaret Fortune

Freedom of Information, Bristol City Council

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Dear Bristol City Council,

Winter is drawing ever closer. Bristol Water are claiming you are responsible for the lack of resolution of the water leak impacting the Bristol/Bath cycle path which WILL become an ice rink in winter.

By law, you should normally have responded promptly and advised
how many people have reported this and on what dates as per the original request, as this is now overdue?

Yours faithfully,

Margaret Fortune

"Customer Relations Team" <complaints.feedback@bristol.gov.uk>, Bristol City Council

Dear Ms Margaret Fortune

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Yours sincerely


Customer Relations Team



"No Reply @ Bristol" <noreply@bristol.gov.uk>, Bristol City Council

You sent us a Freedom of Information request on 08/08/2017

Your request number is CRN00126593

Our reply to your request is:  



East Area Highway Officer attended site on 18/09/2017 and can confirm
that water is running down the south-eastern section of the bridge
that goes over the cycle path.


Officer phoned Bristol Water and logged the issue with them as it
appears to be clean, running water. They confirmed that they are
aware of some issues with leaks in the area and that the matter is
ongoing. They have fixed some leaks in and around the general area
and they believed that this had a positive effect, however they note
that the situation is continuing and that the cycle path is now
affected. They have assured the officer that their investigations
will now focus on this problem, however this is not a swift process
as they are struggling to identify exactly where the leak(s) are
coming from; as you can imagine, the water dissipates significantly
once it leaves the pipes. They may therefore need to start trial
excavations, but this will need to be programmed in.


I hope this provides some reassurance that the matter is being
addressed and hopefully Bristol Water will be able to bring it to
some resolution in due co.

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