Water and Sewer Maintenance Arrangements

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Dear Ceredigion Council,

1. Could you please provide a list of names and contact details for the Council Officers that are responsible for managing the repair and maintenance of water-mains and sewers on/within all council properties/premises.
2. Does the Council have a contractor(s) in place to deliver your statutory duties with respect to the following activities:
a. Mitigating water loss from mains on/within all council properties/premises, including offices, housing depots etc. (The Water Authorities undergo leakage detection exercises and have powers to insist leaks are repaired without delay);
b. Preventing pollution of groundwater from poorly maintained and leaking sewers on council land (recent laws place the burden for any pollution event upon the polluter – polluter pays);
c. Maintaining appropriate levels of water quality within private mains networks at council owned premises, such as housing stock areas, office premises etc. (legislation places various obligations on network owners for maintaining the quality of water on their premises and to get the appropriate approvals before upgrading/maintenance works are carried out).
3. Can you please provide the name and address of the contractor(s) currently undertaking the works activities listed in point 2 above?
4. Can you please confirm the nature of the contract that you have with these contractors and when the contract(s) is/are due to be renewed?

Yours faithfully,

Steve McElveen

hpw, Ceredigion County Council

Dear Mr McElveen

I refer to your e-mail dated 31st January 2011. I am writing to inform you that your correspondence is being dealt with in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act.
We aim to respond to you in full within 20 working days from receipt of your correspondence and will let you know if it is going to take longer.

Llinos Davies
Admin Officer
for Director of Highways, Property & Works

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hpw, Ceredigion County Council

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Dear Rhian,

Thank you for your prompt and helpful response, much appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Steve McElveen

hpw, Ceredigion County Council

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e-byst yma.


Os bydd gennych argyfwng yn ymwneud â phriffyrdd neu eiddo y tu allan i
oriau arferol swyddfa ffoniwch 01970 625277 (Gogledd Ceredigion) neu 01239
851604 (De Ceredigion).  


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