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Anne Taylor made this Freedom of Information request to Slough Borough Council

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Slough Borough Council did not have the information requested.

Dear Slough Borough Council,

1. Can you please name the databases in your Council where 'warning markers' are placed against the names of members of the public who are alleged to have been e.g. argumentative, aggressive or potentially violent to Council staff.

2. Are these members of the public informed about having a marker placed against their names.

3. Do they have the right to appeal.

4. How long are the warning markers kept on the persons file.

5. Is Litigation the only way to have a warning marker removed.

Thank you very much for your time and attention to this matter.

Yours faithfully,

Anne Taylor

FOI, Slough Borough Council

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_Freedom of Information, Slough Borough Council

This is to acknowledge receipt of your FOI request which is receiving attention

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_Freedom of Information, Slough Borough Council

Ms Taylor

I can confirm that Slough Borough Council does not operate a warning maker / Blacklist database.

Regards SBC FOI Officer

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Brian Sanders left an annotation ()

The related policy is referred to here :-


Interestingly enough this recently voted through policy allows the council to deny service to 'unreasonable customers' which surely suggests that the council must have a way of recording it somewhere ???

Historically Slough councils performance in this area has not always been exemplary :-


Anne Taylor left an annotation ()

To Brian Sanders,

Thank you very much for your annotation and attached information.

Following the Jane Clift case, I do not believe this council does not keep a 'list' of people deemed undesirable for whatever reason. My own Council 'Bexley' evaded questions about which database they place warning markers on (or if they have a 'list' somewhere?) when e.g. Social Services staff have been threatened or assaulted. I asked this because I am 'flagged up' in NHS/other places with subsequent unpleasant treatment, slandered, followed around, called offensive names in the street and if it was not for the fact that I am indoors most of the time caring for my disabled ex-husband, I would have to move away. For over four years I have not walked around the area I live in. I always drive away from it to shop etc.

I have never had an altercation with a member of Council staff but was pestered by a woman in a Church I attended, I told the Priest then was driven out of that Church. This woman worked for Social Services as a clerk at the time. It started in 2002. My council deny I have a warning marker against my name or am on any list yet at the same time, say they do not inform people who are! There was something decidedly dodgy about their response.

My fight continues.

Uwe Bergman left an annotation ()

I urge everyone to exercise caution when dealing with Slough Unitary Authority (Slough Borough Council) and to be aware some of the answers you receive may not always true or may be manipulations and distortions of the truth.

Some staff and councillors blatantly lie so convincingly that inexperienced persons are at a considerable disadvantage.

There is a strong culture of concealment of wrong doing and bad practises within the local authority as others in the borough have witnessed. (the disappeared £7 million and the only copy of the files vanished for a year etc.)

Always trust your own instincts and judgement. However please never stop trying to extract information from the council.

Uwe Bergman left an annotation ()

The local authority answer

"I can confirm that Slough Borough Council does not operate a warning maker / Blacklist database."

** does not exclude the compilation of a list of persons' names.

** does not exclude the keeping of a 'warning' list

** does not exclude the keeping of a 'warning' list by a so-called third party

** does not exclude them using a 'warning' list system operated or controlled by a third party

** does not exclude the sending of email alerts about persons

The service of a skilled lawyer should advantageously be used to ask them questions they can not wriggle from beneath.

In addition to the secret list on which the unfortunate Jane Clift subsequently found herself, they kept secret lists on paper about very many of their elected council members. I can not say if this is continuing today. They rent huge online (cloud) storage systems where they may, if so disposed, "store" data on their suspects for many years unknown to all persons in the public arena.

It is not the "open government" but tightly closed government answerable only to a single elected member.

In Germany we are having better and truly democratic procedures open to all of the people.

Anne Taylor left an annotation ()

To Ewe Bergman.

Thank you very much for your annotations. I found them encouraging and very interesting. When you are on one of these 'lists' it is a relief to know you are not totally alone and that others are aware of their existence.