War Crimes Act Home Secretary Statement to Independent Inquiry Child Sexual Abuse

Richard Card made this Freedom of Information request to Home Office

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Dear Home Office,

Your department involvement with this issue, for my purposes which are Police constable HM Coroners Officer 1972, began in 1972. You will find a file for the New Zealand Prime Minister wishing for a Suffolk inquest to be re-opened. Matron Mary McGill Decd Sue Ryder Home Cavendish Suffolk 22nd Jan 1972. The New Zealand diplomatic approach was circa March 1972 within 3 months of inquest.

You will find that in April 1972 Home Office with Suffolk Chief constable collaborated to report to the New Zealand Govt and you will find, independent of my concern, the lies in your report were identified and challenged. But met with Chief constable and Home Office silence

(1) Please disclose whether ministers were involved such as Home Secretary.

(2) Please disclose the reasoning by which you denied Crown jurisdiction between Commonwealth countries to Judicial Cttee Privy Council an apparent treason ?

At the time the founding trustee of Sue Ryder Charity AIREY NEAVE and internment visitor Sue RYDER were "Releasing" 1200 men from purported German postwar internment.

(3) Please disclose especially in light of Welsh Regional Crime Squad differences with Special Branch re the status of these 1200 men in 1971/72 .. whether their status was "Resident" .. and hence subject of GREVILLE JANNERS War Crime Act 1991 or "Unknown" and hence exempt from the scope of GREVILLE JANNERS War Crimes Act 1991.

You should find this history for Earl Ferrers correspondence with Tony NEWTON and Sir John STRADLING THOMAS MP 1990/91

Sir John died at his DOLPHIN SQUARE Home March 1991. I think this was between two final readings of War Crimes Bill being driven through by Parliament Act by Patrick MAYHEW.

(4) Please disclose how MAYHEW resolved his compromised position. Sir John was raising the history of Regional Crime Squad Gwent differences with Special Branch the NEAVE RYDER "Release scheme" and the Matron Mary McGill Decd unsafe suicide verdict which the New Zealand Prime Minister had wanted re-visited by new inquest or judicial review.

(5) Given the involvement of both founding trustees of Sue Ryder charity (NEAVE and SPORBORG) in the alleged founding of GLADIO DURING HOSTILITIES recruiting enemy ? and GLADIO lack of Crown Authority in UK and the EU resolution 1990 to dismantle GLADIO. Please disclose how MAYHEW resolved that compromise on his position. This surely is a bigger issue than IRA On The Run letters. UK eminent Jew Greville JANNER draws up a War Crimes Act with a loophole for NEAVE/RYDER/SPORBORG approved WW2 personnel of unknown origin to be exempt. Essentially ony Galician SS Divn brought to UK by Richard Rapier Stokes MP Ipswich would have a JANNER act all to theyselves.

I have asked the IICSA to consider this history against Suffolk Chief constable visit to Lord HENNIKER 1992 re Paedophile Information Exchange. Re whether Suffolk Police failed to report the related facts to Operation Midland 2015. Whether Suffolk Police swamped their investigative capacity on the missing airman case with the consequence they did not pursue a crime complaint of 8th Sept 2016 which also relates to ASTON HALL abuse under Home Office. And to weigh in that MAYHEW was legal officer to GMC hearing 1970s that allowed convicted child abuser Dr Morris FRASER to stay in his alleged KINCORA related medical activity. FRASER was also a co-author with Peter RIGHTON the cause of 1992 Chief constable visit to Sue RYDER's ex SOE colleague Lord HENNIKER.

(6) Please disclose how MAYHEW resolved the Dr Morris FRASER related compromise on his position.

(7) Please disclose whether any of these matters weighed in "Public interest" decisions 1991 to drop Leicester child abuse charges against GREVILLE JANNER.

I have asked IICSA to revisit JANNER issues. These issues have been in submission with IICSA since its outset and relate too to a Truth Project case that is subject of the Sept 2016 nil ctioned Suffolk crime complaint and under Truth Project ruling cannot be detailed

I will say I think it is inevitable to conclude that Henriques Inquiry 2016 into Operation MIDLAND was ill informed and thereby misled.

Finding the record should not be onerous as collation would have occurred re correspondence of Sir John Stradling Thomas MP.

Yours faithfully,

Richard Card

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Dear Mr. Card,



Thank you for contacting the Home Office with your request.


This has been assigned to a caseworker (case ref 48000). We will aim to
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If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.



Thank you,


N McKenzie

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Dear FOI Requests,

You are now overdue to address this FOI


I have made a case related FOI to IICSA now as Islington Council facts emerge.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Card

Dear FOI Requests,

You are overdue to answer

Yours sincerely,

Richard Card

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Dear Mr Card,


Thank you for emails dated 5 May and 6 June in which you reminded us that
we have not yet answered your original request of 6 April.


I am very sorry for the time it is taking to respond to your request.  We
are still actively working on your request and hope to be able to respond
very shortly.


Thank you for your continued patience in this matter.


Yours sincerely


R Taylor

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Dear Mr Card,


Please see the attached response to your request for information.


Kind regards


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