Waiting List 2019 Dentistry

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Dear Queen Mary University of London,

After interviews, how many applicants were rejected but placed on waiting list? From that waiting list how many applicants were then given conditional offers to do dentistry?

QM FOI Enquiries, Queen Mary University of London

Dear Bettiah,

We acknowledge receipt of your request.

We are unable to process your request until you provide a full (real) name as required under s.8 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

In addition, please confirm that you seek information relating to the BDS (A200) only and that you are referring to entry in September 2019.

Yours sincerely

Queen Mary University of London

Dear QM FOI Enquiries,

My real name is Praveen Sharma, resident in the UK. You are correct in saying that I am referring to BDS only for September 2019 and a September 2020 admissions (albeit I suspect for 2020, you will on,y be able to provide the number of applicants placed on the waiting list). I am also referring to conditional and unconditional offers made to the number of applicants placed by QMUL on the waiting list. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Praveen Sharma