Dear Department for Education,

It has been widely reported in the media that the number of vocational qualifications that are considered equivalent to GCSEs is to be cut from 2014.

“From 2014, only 70 ‘equivalents’ will count in the GCSE tables and on a like-for-like basis with GCSEs”. It is also reported that a further 55 qualifications “will be valid for other league table measures” (Richardson, H. 'Most GCSE equivalents axed from school league tables'. BBC News 31/01/12)

Please provide a list of the 70 qualifications that ministers are currently proposing to be given ‘equivalence’ from 2014, and the 55 qualifications that will be valid for other league table measures. I appreciate that this is policy ‘in progress’ and is subject to on-going review and modification. Alternatively please provide details about where this information can be accessed.

Yours faithfully,

M Langley BSc, PGCE

Department for Education

Dear Ms Langley

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Department for Education

Dear Ms Langley,
Thank you for your email dated 08 February 2012 about our recent published list of qualifications which will count in the
2014 Key Stage 4 performance tables. 

At the moment there are 3,175 so-called equivalent qualifications accredited and approved for study by 14-16 year-olds,
all of which count in the tables. Under the last government some of these were worth as much as four, five or even six

But from the 2014 Performance Tables (published in January 2015), just 125 of these qualifications (3.9 per cent of the
current total) will count. Full-course GCSEs, established iGCSEs, AS levels and music exams at grade six and above will
also be included. All will be included on the same one-for-one basis. 
Schools will remain free to offer any other qualification accredited and approved for study by 14 to 16 year-olds.
Teachers will still be able to use their professional judgment to offer the qualifications which they believe are right
for their pupils. But only those meeting the Department’s rigorous requirements will count in Performance Tables. 
Focusing Performance Tables on the qualifications which benefit pupils’ prospects will also free up time for a more
balanced curriculum. 
Further information on which qualifications will count can be found at the following link;
The list will be updated in March 2012, to include any newly accredited versions of the qualifications that are already
included on the list.
I hope you find this reply helpful.
Yours sincerely,

Mandy Bradford
Vocational Qualifications and Funding Support Division

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