Version of MARKAL

Department of Energy and Climate Change did not have the information requested.

Dear Department of Energy and Climate Change,

In a previous Freedom of Information request I learnt that the same input parameters are used for the MARKAL optimisation model from 2007 until the new global
TIMES model is developed by the UCL Energy Institute, over the next year at least.

I would like to request the version of MARKAL used by the department of Energy and Climate Change since 2007 until the new global TIMES model is developed by the UCL Energy Institute.

Yours faithfully,

Lisa Evans

FOI Requests,

Ref: 10/0400

Dear Ms Evans,

Thank you for your request which was received on 1 March. Your request has
been passed on to the appropriate official at the Department of Energy and
Climate Change to deal with.

Best wishes,

Kay Wilson | Freedom of Information Advisor | Information Rights Unit |
Department for Business, Innovation & Skills | Bay 351, 66-74 Victoria
Street, London, SW1E 6SW | [1]

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Hentschel Julian \(Economics\), Department of Energy and Climate Change

Ref Nos: 09/1960, 10/0361, 10/0362, 10/0400, 10/0435

12 March 2010

Dear Ms Evans,

Thank you for your emails of 11, 20 January, 20, 25 February and 1 March
requesting information about MARKAL. It appears you have raised a number
of FOI requests on the same topic. In future, please help us to avoid the
creation of parallel requests on the same topic by ensuring that you the
quote the reference number 10/0361 in all related correspondence. Raising
multiple requests is likely to delay your response and wastes public

Your requests are being dealt with under the terms of the Freedom of
Information Act 2000.

Taking all of these requests together, you have asked both for the "source
code for the MARKAL optimisation software" and the input parameters used
in each module of the DECC implementation of the MARKAL model.

Regarding the source code, as noted in the response to requests 10/0361
and 10/0362 dated 25 February, DECC cannot provide you with the MARKAL
source code. I have copied an excerpt of this response below:

"DECC is licensed to operate the MARKAL model. However we have been
informed that, under the terms of this license, we are not permitted to
pass the source code to third parties. A MARKAL reference manual with the
full mathematical description is available at [1] In order
to obtain the source code, you would need to apply to the Energy
Technology Systems Analysis Program (ETSAP) to become an operating agent."

Regarding the inputs, DECC does not normally conduct MARKAL modelling
internally but instead commissions the modelling from third parties. The
latest MARKAL modelling results produced for the Department were conducted
by AEA Technologies. We have asked AEA Technologies about the inputs used
and have been informed that these are the same as those provided on the
UKERC website. Please see the annexes to the documentation available at
the website you cited
The Department does not hold this information in Excel format.

If you have any queries about this request do not hesitate to contact me.
Please remember to quote the reference number 10/0361 in any related
future communications.

Yours sincerely,

Julian Hentschel

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Julian Hentschel | Economist | Strategic Economic Analysis | Department of
Energy and Climate Change | 8 [3]


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