Verification of persons claiming UC

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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,
Can you please provide the documentation and guidelines for the following:-
1) What is the options for people who cannot verify their ID by the computer based UC claims site?
2) What alternatives are there for people who are disabled and unable to use a computer to make the claim?
3) What alternatives are there for those who cannot leave the house (House Bound) to make the claim ?
4) What alternative for disabled people and those unable to leave the house are there for the meeting with a work coach to sign off on the UC agreement?
5) As disabled people have varying proven disabilities, and are in 99% of cases required to attend a Job Centre for UC meetings can you provide the Risk Assessment criteria guidelines, that individual risk assessments for them to attend your premises require.
6) Can you provide details of the alternatives available should a Job Centre not meet the required legal requirements for disability access, and the guidance to DWP staff should a disabled person arrive at a Job Centre and not be able to gain access, this is to include guidance on directions given to Sanction the benefit claimant for non attendance.?
7) Given people on benefits might not have access to either a passport or driving licence, either through lack of money to get one or due to a disability there is no legal option for them to obtain one what alternatives of setting up the UC claim are there and what forms of ID would be accepted in place if those documents required fro an online claim?

Yours faithfully,

Mark Bennett

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