Vera Baird PCC Northumbria "inaccurate press story which was corrected the same day ... . apologising for the original story were published in national press." - Martin McGartland request

The request was refused by Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner.

Martin McGartland

Martin McGartland

11 July 2017

Dear Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner,

In your response to a FOI request dated 15 May 2015 ( see here: ) you included; "We have now had the opportunity to fully consider your request and I provide a response for your attention.

This request appears to be based on an inaccurate press story which was
corrected the same day. Articles making clear that there was never any
investigation by the Ministry of Justice and apologising for the original
story were published in national press."

I would like to know;

1. If PCC Baird (or her staff) made any type of complaint to any local or national newspaper (including to Daily Mirror and Evening Chronicle) and or if any type of correction was sought or received?

2. Which newspapers "corrected the same day ... and apologising for the original
story were published in national press"?

3. I would also like OPCC Northumbria to disclose original copies of all documents, newspaper stories (included those which were corrected on same day), copies of all emails, letters, complaint/s and or all other correspondence between PCC Baird, her office, staff and any newspapers, its reporters, editors, and staff relating to above, "an inaccurate press story", any correction & apology.

Yours faithfully,

Martin McGartland

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25 Years of Serious CORRUPTION by Northumbria Police - from the very Top down - in the Martin McGartland cases ....
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Dear Northumbria Police,

During the previous 25 years Northumbria Police (from the top down) have been behind and involved in serious corruption against me and my cases.

This has included but is not limited to;

- A number of failed malicious prosecutions against me (one of which almost costing me my life);

- Deliberately concealing and or destroying evidence to cover up corruption in my cases and to protect corrupt officers from investigation and being held to account;

- Botching my 1999 attempted murder case - as a result of a state criminal conspiracy - to cover up terrorist involvement and also to protect PIRA and also the PIRA terrorists who tried to murder me.

Northumbria Police have been covering this up for the past 18 years. CC Winton Keenen has been covering it up since at lease 2006 and he continues to do so right up to the present date;

- Protecting suspect/s in my attempted murder (including known IRA terrorists) from arrest when their is both compelling grounds as well as evidence to arrest;

- Failing to carry out any type of review/s (including external force review/s) into my 1999 unsolved attempted murder case between 1999 and 2015 ;

- Carrying out the first and only case review in 2015 (16 years later) and only after years of complaints by me (all covered up by PSD, Winton Keenen and others) and only because of pressure brought by me. Only then did Winton Keenen order a review that was carried out by Roger Ford. I maintain that information and evidence was deliberately withheld from Roger Ford, by Special Branch / Winton Keenen and others), when he under took his review. And that this was done for above reasons.

Not withstanding the above, Roger Ford (God bless him) made 36 recommendations and he also prepared a report for Winton Keenen, others. Winton Keenen, NP have concealed and discovered up those 36 recommendations - some I say relate to serious failings and corruption in my attempted murder case) - as well as the Roger Ford review report.

Winton Keenen has ignored all requests by me - as the victim in the case - to be supplied with a copy of the Roger Ford report and 36 recommendations. I have still not been supplied a copy. Winton Keenen, Special Branch and NP have still, 3 years later, not acted on the Roger Ford report and the 36 recommendations.

- NP and its PSD have whitewashed, botched my complaints (but in almost each / every case have refused to even record my complaints even when there was compelling and also independent evidence - this corruption was also for above reasons) . Complaints made against Winton Keenen and others have also never been recorded or investigated.

- NP officers, PSD (and also Winton Keenen) and or others acting under their direction and control have wilfully mislead and lied to IPCC, PCC Northumbria, OPCC Northumbria and to me as the victim

- A relentless and sanctioned - from the very top - 23 year campaign of harassment, intimidation, discrimination, false arrests, lying and smearing against me, dirty tricks, abuses of power (including criminal) Etc by NP and its offers against me. All this too (when complained about during that period) was covered up, never investigated. All those involved were protected by other officers and PSD.

- Failures (and cover up and corruption by PSD, Northumbria Police and also Winton Keenen) to investigate (and also the 15 years of delays by them) to properly and thoroughly investigate the dirty tricks and the smear campaign against me. When Northumbria Police had conspired with other organs of the state (which continues to this very day) and smeared me to the press on the day of my shooting. At a time when I was fighting for my life. Those smears, which NP and its top cops, Special Branch and others invented, connected me and my shooting to drugs, criminal gangs. An the lie that my shooting had nothing at all to do with the IRA .. .. could not have been any more damaging. The damage caused to me, to my reputation continues to this very day as a result of the Northumbria Police (and Winton Keenen) corruption and the continuing cover up, their failures to investigate, to hold those corrupt officers who were behind it - involved to account. And by their failure to make amends.

- Special Branch, Crime Department, PSD, Crime Department , Command Team (and officers), SIO's, Information Unit Etc colluding, conspiring, covering up, lying to me (including as the victim) and or about me to others, 23 years of constant failures when dealing with me, my cases. And their failing to believe me (as a direct result of above) and to treat me with any type of respect or as a victim.

As I said, these are just some examples.... there are many others ... those are for another time / place. I want to add this (before making this FOI request) ... Winton Keenen and or others acting under his direction and control have been lying (once again and smearing me) about me to ICO, IPCC and others. Those totally false lies and smears were circumvent to obstruct my complaints and DPA (SAR) and FOI request etc. Also also to ensure - because of those lies - that I would have all services withdrawn from Information Commissioners Office (ICO), which ids what has happened.

Those latest smears and lies against me - some of which are being made in secret correspondence and telephone conversations (or meetings) include - according to Winton Keenen and Team Winton - that I am making defamatory comments about him (others). I want to deal with this latest lie, smear here and once and for all.

I have written to winton Keenen a number of times (after he included his circumvented false defamatory lie / claim against me in an email he sent to me). and he has ignored my request for details of what defamatory he is referring to . Perhaps he (team Winton) will include them in the public FOI, the reply? Let me be frank... the reason for Winton Keenen's silence is because he (and NP) is well aware that everything - as above - that I have ever said is based on good old fashion truth as well as facts. All of which I can back up with evidence.

I will repeat - and will do so in any court in the land - that Winton Keenen and others within NP have Lied, covered up, failed to investigate my attempted murder and smear cases (and have botched them deliberately). And they have protected the IRA (a terrorist group) who tried to murder me as well as the IRA terrorists involved. He, NP have also whitewashed my complaints, have failed me at every stage as the victim (for above reasons , has lied about me Etc. This is the truth, Winton Keenen, others within NP are Corrupt when it concerns me and my cases. The turning of blind-eyes, the failures to act, investigate etc. All part of the overall corruption, the 18 year to date state conspiracy in my cases.

There is a great deal, that I am not yet aware of relating to my cases, that Winton Keenen (Team Winton and NP are aware of) and that too is and has been covered up by NP, Winton Keenen and Team Winton to this very day. Add for above reasons.

I will email a copy of this FOI request to Winton Keenen directly so that he is aware of it. Winton "Cover Up" Keenen, Team Winton, NP and their corrupt Special Branch and Crime Department have been preventing me from getting both truth and justice.

Under the FOIA I would like to know;

How many Northumbria Police officers have;

1. Been investigated regarding me, my cases and or above?

2 Regards 1 above, if any officers have been investigated... what was the outcome?

Yours faithfully,

Martin McGartland

(See Martin McGartland FOI requests to Northumbria Police for more info ....

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It is also very relevant to place on record Vera Baird's resent public comments concerning complaints against the police, i.e. 'APCC’S RESPONSE TO THE INDEPENDENT OFFICE FOR POLICE CONDUCT’S COMPLAINTS REPORT' Which includes; APCC Deputy Lead for Transparency and Integrity, Dame Vera Baird QC PCC said:

“There is a simple concept when dealing with complaints, make sure they are dealt with efficiently, thoroughly and fairly – if the police have got it wrong, don’t be afraid to say so. Here in Northumbria, our complaints triage team have been delivering this ethos since 2014 – and it’s now part of the Governments new national model, so it’s proved to work. It’s about restoring the complainant’s faith in the service that they are complaining about.

“The IOPC make a number of valid points, but they need to recognise that change is happening and PCCs are leading this. Going forward, I want to see PCCs challenge their forces when bureaucracy and legal jargon gets in the way of putting the public first, in Northumbria we keep the public we serve at the heart of everything we do. “The IOPC are right when they say lessons need to be learnt from complaints – that’s the only way forces can get better. Every complaint should offer a challenge of how to improve further. Under the leadership of Mike Lockwood, I am confident that we will see a changed culture at the IOPC which will also be reflected in forces across England and Wales.”

Page link Here;

I have made a number of serious complaints to Vera Baird over the years which relate to very serious corruption, failures in my attempted murder investigation, serious failures regards me as victim, NP smear / dirty tricks campaign against me (and the ongoing 19 year cover up of it), NP protecting suspects from arrests as well as IRA terrorists who tried to murder me, obstruction of the investigations Etc

Vera Baird (as well as others acting on her behalf) have failed at every stage to properly record or investigate those complaints. This, I am clear, was to protect her corrupt force, officers who I complained about. All complaints were Whitewashed and covered up in one way or another by Vera Baird and Co. She also has very deliberately circumvented, when she was well aware my complaints were not suitable, local resolution (LR) so that no proper investigations (Again, I say, for above reasons) were ever carried out.

Vera Baird is much more aware than most that LR is not suitable - as with my complaints - (and as the IPCC/IOPC have made clear in one of their upheld latest decisions in my case against her) for complaints, if proven, could potentially lead to disciplinary proceedings. In their 13 September 2018 decision (in which they upheld my appeal against OPCC / PCC Baird) the IOPC / IPCC also stated; 'As far as I can be seen from the background papers , the OPCC has not made any enquiries or conducted any scoping exercise to ascertain whether there is any merit in your allegations that Mr Ashman was aware of the findings of the report and ignored them, nor any attempt made to ascertain how they can be 'resolved'. And the IPCC /IOPC also stated; 'Furthermore, importantly, there is no indication that OPCC has attempted to engage with you to take part in the local resolution process. Plus, no action plan on how to conduct the local resolution has been agreed between you. These are both essential actions expected of local resolution process, yet neither have been conducted.'

Vera Baird above public and following comments; “There is a simple concept when dealing with complaints, make sure they are dealt with efficiently, thoroughly and fairly.' Are pure Poppycock - not worth the paper they are written on so far as the way so, her office has deal with my complaints over the years. Has she dealt with my complaints 'efficiently' ? Absolutely Not. 'Thoroughly'? Absolutely Not. And not at all. 'Fairly.'? All she (others acting on her behalf) has done with my complaints is Cover Up, Whitewash and protect her corrupt force, the corrupt officers I complained about. And she (they) have also ignored evidence (including independent evidence) which supported my complaints.

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The smearing of Martin McGartland and the Massive Northumbria Police (CC Winton 'Cover Up' Keenen - Team Winton) conspiracy and corruption to cover it up / protect all those who were/are involved in it:

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