Dear Ministry of Defence,

Registration "ZS03AA" Penman Trailer.

I would be grateful f you could provide me with the vehicle history report for this Penman trailer as there is no documentation in regards to this asset in the Merlin archive.

Yours faithfully,
Henry Edwards

DES SEC-PolSec LE-JSC-WPNS (MULTIUSER), Ministry of Defence

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Dear Mr Edwards,


Your request has been logged under our reference FOI2021/00117.  The
Freedom of Information Act requires a response to be provided to a request
under the Act within 20 working days from date of receipt and we therefore
aim to respond to you by 2 February 2021.  Whilst we are working hard to
achieve this, due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and the effect on
resources and necessary changes to ways of working, we should advise that
it may take longer to provide a substantive response to some requests.


Kind Regards


DE&S SEC Policy Secretariat 2 Asst Hd


MOD Abbey Wood, #2043 | Maple 0a | Bristol | BS34 8JH



[1]Defence Equipment & Support




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DES SEC-PolSec LE-JSC-WPNS (MULTIUSER), Ministry of Defence

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Dear Mr Edwards,

Please see attached a response to your recent FOI request.

Yours sincerely,

DE&S Secretariat
Defence Equipment and Support | Secretariat MOD Abbey Wood, #2043 | Maple 0a | Bristol | BS34 8JH Group email: [email address]

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