Vehicle and Driver Registers: disclosure of data

Bob Harper made this Freedom of Information request to Driver and Vehicle Agency (Northern Ireland)

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was successful.

Dear Driver and Vehicle Agency,

I have broken my request down into two parts below for ease of reference:

Part 1
It is my understanding that responsibiltiy for the DVA register of vehicles kept at addresses in Northern Ireland was transferred to the GB DVLA office in Swansea in July 2014.

This means that under Regulation 27 of the Road Vehicles (Registration and Licensing)
Regulation 2002 that the UK Secretary of State can sell this data to third parties.

A recent FoI by Greg Mulholland MP revealed that the DVLA have made an income of over £7million in the 9-months from April to the end of 2014 from the sale of this data. See

My questions are:
A. What arrangements were made between DVA NI and the UK DVLA for the reimbursement of DVANI for NI vehicle register data originally collected by DVANI which was subsequently transferred to the DVLA?

B. Relating to the above, what is the amount of reimbursement agreed with DVLA, if any?

C. Prior to the transfer of functions, what data protection arrangements for the use and sharing of NI vehicle owners' information were in place?

E. Prior to the transfer of functions, what policy or process did DVANI have for the reuse of vehicle register information? If any, what funds were raised by the selling of this data, either by DVANI or through DVLA, in the financial years from April 2013 to the date of transfer.

D. Please name or source the legislation that permits DVANI to share personal information relating to registered vehicles with other bodies.

Part 2: Driver register
DVA states, on the nidirect website, that

"Driver information can also be shared, with the consent of the driver, to organisations, such as car hire companies, or employers wishing to confirm a driver’s entitlement to drive."

My questions in relation to the above are:

A. What non-public sector organisations has DVANI shared information from the driver register with?

B. Are there any arrangements for the charging for sharing this information? If so, what are the pricing arrangements?

C. If any, how much has DVANI raised by the selling or sharing of data from the driver register with private organisations?

Yours faithfully,

Bob Harper

Sent request to Driver and Vehicle Agency (Northern Ireland) again, using a new contact address.

Dear Driver and Vehicle Agency (Northern Ireland),

I recently sent you a request for information using a couple of email addresses that I had listed for your FoI contact (I think one was an outdated DVLNI address, and this address). However, I haven't received a receipt of confirmation and so can't be sure that it has been received. The request is viewable on WhatDoTheyKnow at

Could you please confirm receipt of the original email?

Yours faithfully,

Bob Harper

Driver and Vehicle Agency (Northern Ireland)

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Sent request to Driver and Vehicle Agency (Northern Ireland) again, using a new contact address.