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Frank Zola made this Freedom of Information request to Department for Work and Pensions

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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

RE: Entrenched Worklesness Provision
Reference number: UI_DWP_101412
Estimated length of contract: 12 Months
Awarded value £165,000

For the above contract awarded to Vedas who deliver provision through Action Plans and has mandatory exercises and activities, such as:

1. Sundial Activity: customers to complete based on their personal circumstances.

2. Laws of Attraction & how behaviour is key to success.

3. Life Steps – to look at life and setbacks. How to deal with these events and the
processes/techniques used to build back up the steps.

4. Barriers & Hurdles – identifying barriers and hurdles. How to overcome barriers

5. Positive Thoughts Story - Trainer

6. Past, Present & Future – ‘Past’ - customers identify what has happened in the
past that has brought them here today, ‘Present’ – what the customer is doing now to
move towards achieving their goal or work and ‘Future’ – where the customer wants
to be and how they expect to feel.

7. Brain Training Exercises – look at skills lost when not in work and carry out
several exercises to enhance these skills, i.e. pattern recognition and problem
solving etc.

8. Skills Bank & Transferable Skills– identifying life and work skills and match to job

9. Long-Term Change & Life Expectations – what is needed and can be achieved to
gain long-term change.

10. Self-Awareness and Awareness of others.

11. Confidence – Myths – true & false.

12. Body Language – how to read body language signs & gestures, body language
signals – eyes, mouth, head, arms, hands, handshakes, legs & feet & personal
space. Mirroring body language. Cultural differences.

13. Self Confidence – preparing for the journey, changing perspectives, positive
thinking, building self-confidence.

14. Addressing Fears – overcoming obstacles

15. Breaking Traditions – changing patterns of behaviour, routine, stepping out of the
comfort zone.

16. Goal Setting – short, medium and long term goals. SMART objectives.

17. Financial Planning & Budgets – address benefit dependency, planning to come
off benefits, calculate how much money needed to live on, planning finances for
interviews i.e. clothing, bus fares etc and how to manage finances in first month in
work. Money Advice Service.

18. CV Building – Personal profile, different CV styles, CV template, covering letters.

19. Workplace behaviours – communication, team working, attendance, timekeeping,
self-presentation, attitude and time management.

as all of the above require participants to disclose personal data to engage, including sensitive personal data, that can be recorded or shared by default with other participants in group sessions or with Vedas staff and entered into or be used to inform the development of Action Plans, please disclose a copy of the materials worksheets, questionnaires, sundials etc [information] created by Vedas and used by participants to help them complete and engage in items 1 to 19 above.

With regards Benefit Sanctions please state which of items 1 to 19 are mandatory or participants face sanctions?

Yours faithfully,

Frank Zola

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Dear Mr Zola,
Please find attached the reply to your recent Freedom of Information
request reference number 2501:
Thank you,
DWP Freedom of Information Team

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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are Frank Zola please sign in and let everyone know.

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