Chloe Knipe made this Freedom of Information request to NHS Halton Clinical Commissioning Group

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The request was successful.

Dear NHS Halton Clinical Commissioning Group,

Please see FOI request as below for your attention:

1. Please confirm the organisations commissioned by the CCG to provide Vasectomy Services to your patients?
2. Please confirm the end dates of currently commissioned contracts?
3. Are any providers currently within an extension period of their contract?
4. Were contracts awarded through a competitive tender process?
5.. What is the form of contract: AQP or sole provider?
6. At what percentage of tariff is each provider delivering services?
7. What activity numbers were delivered by each provider, over the past 12 months?
8. Please confirm the annualised actual contract values for each provider for 2019/20?
9. Please confirm who (if any) providers are providing Vasectomy services to patients without a contract where a patient has exercised their right to choose a provider? What are the activity numbers delivered per provider?
10. What were the average wait times for providers over the past 12 months? (broken down by month)
11. Do any of the contracted providers sub-contract any parts of the service to an alternative provider? If so, who and what?
12. Does Vasectomy feature on the CCGs commissioning intentions?
13. Do your current Vasectomy contracts include Post Vasectomy Semen Testing included in the tariff amount ?
14. Does your current vasectomy wait times exceed 18 weeks?
15. Who is the senior officer (outside of procurement) responsible for this contract

Yours faithfully,

Chloe Knipe


Dear Chloe,

Please do not amend the subject line

Thank you for your request for information received on 11th August 2020, under the provision of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

We will be processing your request on behalf of the following CCGs:

•NHS Halton CCG

We aim to respond to your request within 20 working days, the latest of which is 9th September 2020, however, should any delays be anticipated we will contact you in advance to advise you of this.

Please note that during the current pandemic, many of our colleagues have been redeployed to support the wider NHS with their response to the coronavirus outbreak and as a result delays are expected and we kindly ask you to bear with us during this time. Again we will contact you where we are notified of expected delays as soon as possible.

For ICO guidance on FOI and the Coronavirus (COVID-19), please click on the link below:

If you require an update on the progress of your request, please contact the Freedom of Information service, by email [email address] or by telephone on 01782 872648

Yours sincerely

Access to Information Team

(01782) 872648
[email address]

Midlands and Lancashire CSU

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1 Attachment

Re: Request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000


Ref: FOI-1210-HA


Please find attached response to your freedom of information request, for
Halton CCG


Yours sincerely

Access to Information Team 

Midlands and Lancashire CSU
Information Governance Service
Contact: (01782) 872648
[1][email address]



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