This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Vaccination support for blind and partially sighted people'.

 Stacey Teale 
Corporate Officer 
Direct Line: 0151 318 9318 
NHS Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group 
Date: 6th April 2021 
 Marriss House 
Hamilton Street 
Name: Mike Bell 
Our Ref: ID 1860 
CH41 5AL 
Tel: 0151 651 0011  
Dear Mr Bel , 
Re: Freedom of Information Request - Vaccination support for blind and partial y sighted 
Thank you for your request for information made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, 
which was received into this office on 5th March 2021. 
You Asked for: 

  1.  Are you ensuring information sent to a visually impaired person about vaccine 
appointments or provided to them at a vaccination centre is available in an accessible 
format such as large print and brail e? If yes, how? 
2.  Are you providing clear information on the location of vaccine centres, such as public 
transport options and alternatives for blind and partially sighted people? If yes, how? 
3.  Are you making sure that vaccination venues have clear signage and good levels of 
lighting to enable blind and partially sighted people to access them? If yes, how? 
4.  Are you ensuring staff and volunteers at vaccination centres are trained to provide 
support to people with sight loss, such as providing verbal or sighted guiding where 
necessary? If yes, how? 
5.  Are you aware of and using the sight loss sector guidance on vaccine rollout which is 
available here:
Rollout-Advice.pdf If yes, how have you used this? 
Our Response: 

  1.  Patient  appointments  are booked by  telephone, text or  through an  online booking 
service. Practices wil  be aware of their patients “accessible information” needs and wil  
adapt their booking/information protocols accordingly. The Vaccination Information leaflet 
is available in large print for patients who are partially sighted and currently, vaccination 
sites use the appointment cards provided by NHS England and Improvement (NHSE/I). If 
these need to be in other accessible formats, they wil  need to be sourced through 
2.  If a person with visual impairment should specifically ask  for  these details then the 
various  administrative staff would look to provide a suitable alternative source of 
information for them.  However,  at the time of booking, especially if via telephone, full 
information about the vaccine venue and how to get there is encouraged to be provided 
in this call. A lot of patients are now attending their own practice for vaccinations and will 
therefore be familiar with the location/transport options. 

  3.  The vaccination venues have marshals at the front door to assist patients. Our Primary 
Care Network’s (PCN’s) have worked alongside Wirral Borough Council (WBC) to install 
additional lighting to entrances and exits, provide signage and at some sites, provide 
additional flood lighting in car parks for safe entry and exit from buildings. Our PCN’s are 
confident that they have adequate signage but would be keen for feedback from patients 
who are blind or partially sighted and/or their carers. 
4.  Whilst not all PCN’S offer specific training to support people with visual impairment, they 
are confident that if a person with a visual impairment needed further assistance, staff 
and volunteers would either be able to provide this or know which supervising member of 
the team would be able to offer further advice. Marshals  and  staff are aware to make 
necessary adjustments when needed and use clear verbal communication as necessary 
and wil  guide or escort patients through the whole vaccination process from arrival until 
departure when needed. Staff and volunteers have access to a copy of the Sight Loss 
Sector guidance for reference at their posts  and volunteers are all given a thorough 
induction so that they know the local processes and which members of staff are 
supervising on each shift. 
5.  Some of our PCN’s were aware of this document, however, those that were not have all 
printed this document to be retained on-site for future reference and to be available for 
staff when needed. 
One of our PCN Directors would be keen to work with you to make further improvements, which 
could then be suggested to all of our PCN’s. If this is something that you would be interested in, 
please contact us on the details provided at the top of this letter. 
We hope this information is useful, however if you require any further information please do not 
hesitate to contact a member of the Corporate Affairs Team (contact details at the top of this 
Yours sincerely 
Paul Edwards 

Director of Primary Care and Corporate Affairs 
NHS Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group 

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