Use of weedkiller by Gwynedd Council grass cutting operatives

Currently waiting for a response from Gwynedd Council, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear Gwynedd Council, can you please inform me why the section of land at the gable end of the houses at Llys Mathieson - off Penrhyn Avenue - Maesgeirchen has been poisoned with weedkiller by your grass cutting operatives ?
The land was planted with wild flower seeds two years ago and last years display was magnificent, this year we will have nothing to show for the community efforts.

Why was this done ?
If access was difficult why did the operatives not use a strimmer ?
What is the brand name of the weedkiller that was used ?
Is this liquid harmful if inhaled as a mist by passers by ?
Is this liquid toxic to pets ?
Is this liquid toxic to wild birds that feed on worms and insects ?
Is this weedkiller publicly available or can it only be bought on licence ?
What steps will the council take to reinstate this land ?
Have the grass cutting team council officers paid attention the mantra of Ffordd Gwynedd ?
Listening to communities, protecting the environent etc etc
The use of weedkiller is also prevalent along Penrhyn Avenue in areas where the ride on mower couldn't reach, this practice of destroy the environment seems to be endemic in other parts of Gwynedd, all because the operatives don't use a strimmer.

Yours faithfully, GK Jones

Gwynedd Council

Rhyddid Gwybodaeth / Freedom of Information

Dear GK Jones,

Freedom of Information (ref 60)

Thank you for your recent request under the Freedom of Information Act

Your request has been passed to me to process and I can confirm that it
has been logged under the reference number 60.

The Council may take up to 20 working days, from the date of receipt, to
respond to your request. You should therefore receive the information you
have requested, subject to the application of any exemptions permitted
under the Act, by 22/05/2019. If you require further information please
contact me by phone on 01286 679809 or by emailing
[1][email address].cymru by quoting the reference number above.

Yours sincerely,
Gwawr Owen


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