Use of the personal statement for undergraduate law admissions

The request was successful.

Dear University of Sheffield,

I would like to request the following data about the admissions process for all of your undergraduate law degrees.

1. Whether a candidate's personal statement (which is submitted through UCAS) is considered by the admissions team when considering whether to give that candidate an offer;

If the personal statement is assessed by the admissions team:
2. A list of the marking criteria/factors that are considered by the admissions team when assessing the candidate's personal statement;
3. Whether a candidate's personal statement is given a score or grade of any kind;
4. The weighting attached to the aforementioned score or grade (e.g. 20%);
5. A list of personal statement scores given to offer holders who had applied for undergraduate study in law at your university in the 2018/2019 admissions cycle (and thus received offers for either 2019 direct entry or 2020 deferred entry).

Yours faithfully,

Samira El Amein

Matthew B Zawadzki, University of Sheffield

Dear Samira El Amein,
Please find below the response to your request for information.
We do not score the personal statements of applicants to our undergraduate
Law degrees. Our academic selectors conduct a holistic review of
applications, which encompasses all the information provided on the UCAS
application, including predicted and awarded academic achievement, the
personal statement and the reference. We are looking for students who are
motivated and inquisitive, and have the necessary academic preparation and
personal attributes to benefit from the University's learning environment.
I am required under the Act to inform you that if you have cause for
complaint regarding our reply to your request for information, you should
within 40 days of receiving this response, write to the University FOI
Unit, The University Secretary’s Office, Sheffield University, Western
Bank, Sheffield S10 2TN or email [1][University of Sheffield request email] explaining why you
are not satisfied with the result.

If you still remain unsatisfied with the University's decision, you will
be entitled to complain to the Information Commissioner, Wycliffe House,
Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 5AF.  

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