Use of Body Worn Video

Lucy Johnson made this Freedom of Information request to Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was successful.

Dear Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust,

I am writing to make an open government request for all the
information to which I am entitled under the Freedom of Information
Act 2000.

Please send me:

The details of your use of body cameras in your organisation –

Does anyone (staff or contractors) in your organisation use/wear body cameras or body worn video recording devices while performing their duties?
If yes, please detail:
Who provides the body cameras and footage/evidence management used by your organisation?
How many staff members use body cameras and what capacities/teams do they work in? Are they staff or contractors (for e.g. outsourced security personnel)
How many body cameras in all are currently owned and/or used by your organisation?
Were the cameras bought as a one off purchase and if so, how much did they cost your organisation?
If they are part of an ongoing contract - what is the current contract term (how long is it and when does it expire) and what is the value of said contract?
Where is the data recorded stored – on premises locally or on cloud?
Who is the point of contact for your body camera programme?

I would like the above information to be provided to me via email.

If this request is too wide or unclear, I would be grateful if you
could contact me as I understand that under the Act, you are
required to advise and assist requesters. If any of this
information is already in the public domain, please can you direct
me to it, with page references and URLs if necessary.

If the release of any of this information is prohibited on the
grounds of breach of confidence, I ask that you supply me with
copies of the confidentiality agreement and remind you that
information should not be treated as confidential if such an
agreement has not been signed.

I understand that you are required to respond to my request within
the 20 working days after you receive this letter.

I would be grateful if you could confirm that you have received
this request, preferably via email.

Yours faithfully,

Lucy Johnson

Whittaker Alex, Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

Dear Ms Johnson,

Thank you for your request for information received on 23 November 2017.
It has been allocated the reference number FOI-2017-3799 and is being
dealt with under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Our aim is to provide the information at the earliest opportunity but
within the statutory 20 working days of receiving your request. Should
there be any difficulty or delay in providing the information to you
within the 20 day limit we will endeavour to inform you of this. If fees
apply to this request you will be informed and a fees notice will be
issued to you. Payment is then required before we proceed with your

If you have any further information as to the process or have any queries
in relation to your request, please contact the Information Governance
Team quoting the reference above.

Kind Regards

Information Governance Team
Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust
[1][email address]

Disclaimer: This e-mail may contain confidential and/or proprietary
information some or all of which may be legally privileged. If any
addressing or transmission error has misdirected this e-mail to you,
please do not read the content and notify the author by replying to this
e- mail with confirmation that received items will be destroyed
immediately. If you are not the intended recipient you must not use,
disclose, distribute, copy, print, or rely on this e-mail.

The information contained in this email may be subject to public
disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Unless the
information is legally exempt from disclosure, the confidentiality of this
email AND YOUR REPLY cannot be guaranteed.

Where this email is received outside of the UK / EU : As a registered Data
Controller Alder Hey Children’s NH Foundation Trust is required to comply
with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998 (Data Protection
Directive 95/46/EC) including, identifiable data / information is not
transferred outside the European Economic Area without adequate
protection. As an intended recipient you are expected to ensure the
security of the data within and comply with your countries data protection
laws or the above directive.


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1. mailto:%[email address]

Whittaker Alex, Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

Dear Ms. Johnson,

Please be advised Trust staff do not use/wear body cameras or body worn video recording devices while performing their duties. Therefore we do not hold any information in relation to your request as specified.

Kind regards

Information Governance Team
Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust
Ext: 2158
Direct Dial: 0151 252 5158
[email address]

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